Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Case Study

Client: Eggleston Services

Eggleston Services, a non-profit organization in Norfolk, Virginia, dedicated to providing work opportunities for people with severe disabilities.

Challenge: Integrate a rainwater capture system into its new, 34,000-square-foot laundry facility in order to drive down the cost of water, energy and chemicals.

Application: Rain is channeled from an all-rubber roof into a network of drainpipes in the ceiling and into two 10,000-gallon polyethylene tanks located at the back of the facility.


  • Water from the storage tanks is pumped through three separate filtration systems into the laundry building where it is used as wash water.
  • Rain water is fed into the boilers to partially fuel the steam-heated ironers.
  • The storage tanks fill with one-inch of rain.
  • The harvested rain water provides up to 15 percent of the laundry water requirements.
  • Based on the average rainfall, the system yields 72 days of laundry operation.
  • In a drought, the harvested rain water will last for 3-4 days.
  • The rain water stored in the tanks maintains an ambient temperature of 82 degrees, thus reducing the energy required to heat the wash water.
  • The return on the rainwater harvesting system investment was 12 months.

Horizon House - Environment Agency HQ

The building is said to embody the environmental principles at the heart of the agencies work. As a result, Horizon House won the 2010 BREEAM Office Award for being one of the most environmentally friendly offices in the UK.

The rainwater harvesting system reduces the mains water consumption by collecting and storing rainwater for use in toilet flushing. The new building uses a great deal less mains water than the offices it replaced due to the water saving measures they have put in place. This building was fitted with a non-pressurised rainwater harvesting system. 

Project Barley

Stormsaver were contracted to supply the controls and above ground tanks for three rainwater harvesting systems at Project Barley. This huge distribution centre has three offices which are to be supplied by harvested rainwater for their toilets. We installed an above ground pressurised rainwater harvesting system at project barley. 

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