Triangular Trade Map Assignments


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    The map shows trade between nations in the 1600s and 1700s. Click on the West Indies route in the Legend. What products were traded from the West Indies to the thirteen colonies?

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    Make a chart showing the goods that were produced in each place. Label the columns of your chart with these headings: From Thirteen Colonies, From England and Europe, From Africa, and From West Indies. Then use the information on the map to fill in your chart.

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During the 1600s and 1700s, people who lived on the continents of Europe, Africa, and North America all had products that the others needed. For example, Europeans produced furniture and tools, while colonists in North America had fish and lumber. Many ships crossed the Atlantic Ocean carrying these and other goods to trade between the continents. The three continents formed the points of large triangles, giving the trade routes their name.

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Check Your Answers

  1. Slaves, sugar, and molasses.
  2. West Indies, Africa, and England.
  3. Products from the Thirteen Colonies include fish, whale oil, lumber, tobacco, rum, iron products, flour, and meat; products from England and Europe include teas, spices, furniture, cloth, tools, and iron products; products from Africa include slaves and gold; products from West Indies include slaves, sugar, and molasses.

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