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Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

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  • 1989.363.12

  • 1989.363.4

  • 1996.479

  • 1973.120.4

  • 1984.174

  • 1989.363.17

  • 1973.120.5

  • 1979.458.1

  • 1973.121.1

  • 1973.120.6

  • 1989.363.30

  • 1989.363.33

  • 1976.280

  • 1989.363.39

  • 1994.208

  • 1981.120.1a-c

  • 2000.345.1,2

  • 1986.267.192


Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History


Quatrain on Spring's Radiance


Biographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru


The Classic of Filial Piety




Poem Written in a Boat on the Wu River


Poem of Farewell to Liu Man


Twin Pines, Level Distance


Garden of the Inept Administrator


Cloudy Mountains


Wang Xizhi Watching Geese


Four Anecdotes from the Life of Wang Xizhi




Returning Home


Wind among the Trees on the Riverbank


Brush holder with “Ode to the Pavilion of the Inebriated Old Man”


Inkstone with Bamboo Design




Grazing Horse


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Predicting Patients with Diabetes Type II from EHR Data. Xiaoran Zhang, Ruoyu Ding. [pdf]

Predicting Popular Xbox games based on Search Queries of Users. Chinmoy Mandayam, Saahil Shenoy. [pdf]

Predicting Reddit Post Popularity. Jordan Segall, Alex Zamoshchin. [pdf]

Predicting retail website anomalies using Twitter data. Derek Farren. [pdf]

Finding Meaning in New York City Public School Data. Sophia Westwood , Daniel Jackoway. [pdf]

Predicting Career Paths of NBA Players. Daniel Robbins, Suril Shah, Alex Cousland. [pdf]

Predicting the Daily Liquidity of Corporate Bonds. Louis Ben Arous. [pdf]

Predicting the Odds of Getting Retweeted. Arun Mahendra. [pdf]

Predicting the Outcome of Baseball Games. Clint Riley. [pdf]

Predicting the Popularity of Social News Posts. Scott Michelson, Joe Maguire. [pdf]

Predicting the US Presidential Election using Twitter data. Swathi Chandrasekar, Emmanuel Charon, Alexandre Ginet. [pdf]

Predicting Transcription Factor Binding. Zoey Zhou, Daniel Williams, Jon Tatum. [pdf]

Predicting U.S. president election result based on Google Insights. Yunzhu Chen, Fan Zhang, Yuanxi Yue. [pdf]

Predicting User Ratings Using Graphical Status Models on Borui Wang, Guan (Bell) Wang, Vincent Yun Lou. [pdf]

Predicting Wine Prices from Wine Labels. Ruby Lee, Svetlana Lyalina, Jamie Ray. [pdf]

Prediction of High-Cost Hospital Patients. Jonathan Mortensen, Linda Szabo, Luke Yancy Jr.. [pdf]

Predictive Validity Of a Robotic-surgery Simulator. Anirudh Pasupuleti. [pdf]

QWOP learning. Gustav Brodman, Ryan Voldstad. [pdf]

Real-time reinforcement learning in traffic signal system. Tianshu Chu. [pdf]

Recognizing Chatting Style. Rohan Puttagunta, Nick Wu, Renjie You. [pdf]

Recommendation of TV shows and Movies based on Facebook data. Mathangi Venkatesan, Andy Mai. [pdf]

Recommendation System for HCD Connect. Kesinee Ninsuwan, Mike Phulsuksombati, Umnouy Ponsukcharoen. [pdf]

Recommendations for Reddit users. Avideh Taalimanesh, Mohammad Aleagha. [pdf]

Recommending Movies and TV shows based on Facebook profile data. Benjamin Paterson, Weifang Zhang, Tim Mwangi. [pdf]

Reconstructing Broadcasts on Trees. Douglas Stanford. [pdf]

Reinforcement Learning to Play Mario. Yizheng Liao, Kun Yi, Zhe Yang. [pdf]

Restaurant Recommendation for Facebook Users. Qiaosha Han, Vivian Lin, Wenqing Dai. [pdf]

Road Network Reconstruction Based on Taxi GPS Data. Yilong Geng. [pdf]

Road Sign Detection and Recognition. Jon "Jay" Hack, Siddhant Jagadish. [pdf]

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Structural Health Monitoring Using Guided Ultrasonic Waves to Detect Damage in Composite Panels. Colleen Rosania. [pdf]

Structure and Trends in a Selection of Academic Literature. Hannah Hironaka, Rahul Suri. [pdf]

Stylometry for Online Forums. Kurt Barry, Katherine Luna. [pdf]

Classifying Substance Abuse among young Teens. Dylan Rhodes. [pdf]

Reinforcement Learning of Taxi Driver Passenger-seeking Strategies. Haochen Tang. [pdf]

TB Treatment-Seeking Behavior. Sze Suen, Ruixue Guo. [pdf]

Text Detection And Recognition in Natural Images. Steven Bell. [pdf]

Text Mining to Detect Insults in Online Discussion. Ryan Foley, Ben Kasper, Robert Macnguyen. [pdf]

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Understanding The Effectiveness Of Bank Direct Marketing. Tong Xia, Diana Lee, Tarun Gupta. [pdf]

Unsupervised detection of bad cloud nodes. Arun Kejariwal. [pdf]

User Review Rating Prediction. Sammy Leong, Ashish Bhatia. [pdf]

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Voxel selection algorithms for fMRI. Henryk Blasinski. [pdf]

Wafer Spatial Signature Analysis. Abhishek Singh, Wojtek Poppe. [pdf]

When Machine Learning Meets AI and Game Theory. Anurag Agrawal, Deepak Jaiswal. [pdf]

Who got style?: Learning to recognize literary styles. Konstantinos Balafas, Simon Calvet. [pdf]

Spoken Language Classification. Julien De Mori, Misrab Faizullah-Khan, Cameron Holt, Shahriyar Pruisken. [pdf]

Use of Machine Learning in Petroleum Production Optimization under Geological Uncertainty. Obiajulu Isebor. [pdf]

Using Newspaper Sentiments to Predict Stock Movements. Anthony Chow, Hao Yee Chan. [pdf]

Creating TV/Movie Recommendations from Facebook Profile Information. Alejandro Ayala Hurtado, Yeskendir Kassenov, Nick Yannacone. [pdf]

Using Chemical Data to predict Wine Ratings. Eric Sebastian Soto. [pdf]

Accelerating Neuronal Genetic Research in C. elegans with Computer vision and Machine Learning. Roshni Cooper. [pdf]

Pattern Recognition and Prediction in Equity Market. Lang Lang, Kai Wang. [pdf]

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