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The Decline in Morality Has Caused an Increase in Crime Essays

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The Decline in Morality Has Caused an Increase in Crime In an age where violent crime is more dominant than ever and morality is not heard of, there arise many problems that result from each other. The past thirty years, our society has been determined to secularize itself and to separate from many moral standards that root from the Bible. Since moral values were removed from schools in the 1960's, crime and immorality has steadily risen. It is evident that declining morals has a direct effect on the crime rate.
Morality has been eliminated from typical American life through many factors, thus eliminating the reason this nation first began. James Madison said, "We've staked our future on our…show more content…

The same poll was repeated in 1992, indicating that less than 32 percent of Americans believe in the Bible (Colson). Before the cultural revolution, truth was taught as the ultimate value. Now, tolerance is taught to replace the sometimes bitter truth. This "cultural revolution" has affected many areas in society that had an effect on the crime rate. For morals to be effectively instilled in a human, it must begin in infancy. Therefore, the family structure is vital in moral development. Morality is learned through socialization and the examples people around them set in their own daily life. Children learn how to make moral judgements in difficult situations from their parents, even if their judgements seem to lack moral intelligence (McIsaac). Many families are not ideal, nor do they set a good example for the children growing up in them. Domestic violence, drug use, drug dealing, or fraudulent behavior observed by the maturing child does not go unnoticed. These decisions are taken "to heart" and remembered when the child is faced with a similar situation. On the other hand, children may push away their families, and the negative example set and turn to gangs. In a gang, they feel they have sufficient support and love. Unfortunately, violent crime and severe criminal behavior of all kinds accompany a gang environment. The lack of morals in a family structure

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With the rapid urbanization and development of big cities and towns, the graph of crimes is also on the increase. This phenomenal rise in offences and crime in cities is a matter of great concern and alarm to all of us. There are robberies, murders, rapes and what not.

The frequent and repeated thefts, burglaries, robberies, murders, killings, rapes, shoplifting, pick pocketing, drug- abuse, illegal trafficking, smuggling, theft of vehicles etc., have made the common citizens to have sleepless nights and restless days. They feel very insecure and vulnerable in the presence of anti-social and evil elements. The criminals have been operating in an organised way and sometimes even have nationwide and international connections and links.

The political links of the criminals have complicated the matters. Kidnappers, rapists, murderers, smugglers and such other criminals are indulging in their crimes under the wings and protection of the political leaders. Steps should be taken to curb and eliminate this dangerous trend. The masses should rise to fight political patronage of criminals. Corrupt politicians should be denied party tickets and party positions.

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Recently the Tan door Murder case shocked the whole country, and now the Balboa Srivastava case and involvement of many leaders has come to light rich men and their wards are being kidnapped openly for ransom. Old, retired and lonely men and women living in posh colonies are easy targets of these criminals. The servants murder their masters and decamp with their booty. The old men and women cannot do without domestic help and servants. And writher turn, the servants are killing and murdering them. The police and the administration are to be blamed for the deterioration of law and order in the cities. Precious little is being done to check these very serious crimes. Sometimes, policemen are a party to these crimes. They get their share of the loot.

The crime situation in other metropolitan cities like Bombay, Calcutta, and Madras etc. is almost the same. Crimes are being committed in an organised manner. Criminals have turned professionals and can be hired by anyone who can pay them handsomely, Well educated young men, belonging to good families have been found involved in many a crime. Some criminals get a hint from Indian and foreign films and TV serials. If they succeed in committing one crime successfully, they become fabulously rich. They find it worth all the trouble and risk.

Mumbai is notorious for prostitution, and child abuse. Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. To it also goes the distinction of being the centre of economic offences. Land, arms and drug mafias have a well spread network there. They finance and help the production of magi mega budget films and have secret political links and influences. Mushrooming of slum colonies has also given rise in the rate of crimes in the cities. Mumbai has the largest slums. Mumbai is dotted with shanty townships. These slums and huge hopers are dens of all sorts of crimes.

Other big cities and towns are not far behind in the matter of crimes. Child Criminals age also on rise. Children begin with petty crimes and then turn out notorious criminals in young age. Violence, Killings, murders, rape scenes etc., in films have helped in spread of crimes in children.

They imitate what they see in films and TV serials. Unemployment and frustration among youth have contributed much to the rise in crimes. Unless these problems are solved, no significant achievements can be made in curbing crimes. Moreover, the police force and intelligence agencies should be made more efficient and effective. Police people should have a human face and be friendly to seek cooperation of the public. There should be no violation of human rights while dealing with criminals. Moreover is with sympathy, it care arid human approach that many a criminal can become useful citizen

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