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The Importance of Technology Education in Schools

The education world has been greatly influenced by rapidly changing technology and the increasing availability of information. Schools have advanced by leaps and bounds when it comes to incorporating technology into the learning environment, however, many more advances need to be made. In all areas of the country, educators are trying to help students keep up with technology, but there are more changes that are essential for preparing the next generation for the future.

By increasing computer usage by students, installing classroom Internet access and providing instructional classes dedicated to software and hardware education, schools have tried to provide an up-to-date…show more content…

Being proficient in using technology will be a prerequisite for almost any employment for younger students. It is the school’s job to prepare many of these kids for employment, and that is especially true for the lower socioeconomic areas where students with computers at home are rare. Eisenberg and Johnson describe this basic skills education as the “laundry list” approach to computer education. By ‘list” they mean isolated skills, such as word processing, or searching the Internet. “Students need to be able to use computers and other technology flexibly, creatively and purposefully. All learners should be able to recognize what they need to accomplish, determine whether a computer will help them to do so, and then be able to use the computer as part of the process of accomplishing their task.”1

Educators must also help students to become technologically flexible. One of the largest problem that I see almost everyday is a computer user’s unwillingness to try new or upgraded software. Many people get use to using certain programs and getting them to try new versions or different manufacturers’ products is nearly impossible. Students these days must be able to shorten the learning curve on new software, and be comfortable in exploring unfamiliar programs. The same could also be said for exploring computer hardware.

In the town of Claremont, New Hampshire, students are given the opportunity to explore the guts of a

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Background Technology in Education

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Background Technology in Education

If you were to walk into any elementary, middle, or high school, you’ll find that many classrooms are equipped with TVs and VCRs. These devices serve as a teaching aide, not as entertainment. Instructional videos give students a chance to witness the use of tools and strategies they have been learning at school in a practical setting. Some students do not learn well just from teacher, TVs have been known to hold peoples attention for longer spans than one person. Elementary aged students are more vulnerable to TVs than older students. In conjunction with most parents being working class and the family unit becoming disjointed, many educational programs were created to help teach children the basic functions of language, mathematics, reading, and writing. This is the most influential educational technology of the past. Along side of the TV in a classroom you may find cassette play/recorder.

The cassette player/recorder has been in schools a little longer than the television. Cassette players are primary sources of foreign language aides. Tapes of people speaking the language of choice were recorded and played back to students. It’s better to have an example of a language spoken than just to see it in a book. That’s why in college if you are taking a foreign language class the book comes with set of language tapes. Many different subjects have applied that same concept of using tapes and cassette players.
Books on tape became a popular thing and are widely sold around the United States. Now we have more advanced technologies that are leading us into the future.

Modern Technology in Education

We are living in the time of the information boom. Never before has information been so abundant and easy to find. To many students it seems like a hassle to search for information on a computer. Could you imagine finding all of your information by flipping pages of books, magazines, and news papers in a library? “Technology is treated as a tool to help accomplish a complex task rather than a subject of study for its own sake (US Government, 2001).” Computers are an everyday thing for college students in the United States, there is a requirement to be able to use them.The computer is our present and it may be the rest of our future. Most schools are equipped with a computer lab for students to use. From Seseme Street to the Rocky Mountain Learning Systems, there is software for students of all ages.

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One of those that changed the way classes are taught was in introduction of Distance Learning Education. Distance learning gives a student the chance to take a class that is not given at his or her own school. This technology is given though computers over the internet. Teaching in this way is unique in the fact that the teacher and student do not have face to face interaction. To some this may seems as a problem, yet there are many features of distance learning that over comes this. Chat options and group discussions allows the student of distance learning to about an assigned topic with other students taking the same class all over the United States. Another important part of distance learning, it makes the student use his or her own time management skills to keep on track. There is not a teacher constantly breathing down your throat to get things done. Grading for the teacher is more simplistic because there is not a class participation grade or fluctuations due to how hard a student tried. The teacher sees none of that, just the work submitted to the computer.

Reasons for Upgrading Technology in Schools

One of the key reasons for bringing in new technology into schools is to take the load off of the teacher’s back. “Technology-rich classrooms can free teachers from the bounds of textbooks (Girod, 2001).”With a lot of the new educational software, the student learns on his own pace to view information. This takes time away from the teacher actually having to lecture a big group. As computers continue to aide with teaching the size of class room attendance will continue to drop. The teacher now has the ability to focus more attention on each student’s individualized weaknesses.

Reasons Not to Upgrade Technology

Even though technology is a good thing there are reasons not to upgrade it as it comes along. The main reason is that technology is expensive. To be up to date, it cost lots of money. “Thirty-five percent of all educational technology funding has been federal. This is a remarkable figure when compared to the 6.6% that the federal government contributes overall to education funding (Honey, 2001).” This means that you are paying tax money on a program that may need to be updated over and over again. “We estimated the cost of educational technology programs at the eight schools to range from a low of $142 per student per year to a high of $490 per student per year(Keltner, 1995).”New versions of programs come out like clock work and it’s you that is paying for it to be installed into schools around the country. Even if you aren’t attending school or have kids in schools your taxes are going towards buying new programs instead of medic care, when the older program has been working just fine. Another reason that upgrading technology is frowned upon is that it is available regularly to middle and upper class society. Computers are scarce in the lower class of the United States and making our schools and industries work through computers are widening the gap between social classes.


Technology in our society is hard to get away from. We live each year of our lives using these tools to get ahead in life. To instill our schools with better technology for the future we need to start playing now to be able to afford it. "A systems design approach to creating user-friendly, technology rich environments could save America's taxpayers up to 10 percent of the estimated $200 billion cost of upgrading the physical condition of our K-12 schools and providing necessary classroom technology (Zaritsky, 2001)."


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This article is also about a government funding project to lead our schools into the future of technology in education. Its sole purpose is to save the US government money in a long term.

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This site is the chronology of the events leading up to the present having to deal with computers in education. It goes as far back as 1780 in the time chart to give a good detail of background information.

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