Is3230 Assignment 1 Answer

Niki Scott 4-6-15 Unit 4 Assignment 1 Develop and Implement an organization wide access control security policy In this security plan I will need to consider all of the seven IT infrastructure domains when it comes to developing access controls for the network. Access controls for a facility will have an appropriate entry system access control that will be locked at all times. There will be secondary locks on equipment and storage cabinets within the facility will further secure specific pieces of equipment, such as a database server. In order to prevent social engineering, a policy will be place in effect in order to help stop any social engineering; this will include employee security training. Access controls for the systems will limit access to only employees who have a legitimate need for that resource. A strong password policy will be in effect that will require you to change it every 30 days and you will need to have uppercase, lowercase, numeric and special characters. Application access controls will provide standard testing procedures for any third

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