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LEGO All-Stars: The Compilation Crossover is a compilation of the official LEGO games: LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, LEGO Batman: The Video Game, LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7, LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, LEGO The Lord of the Rings, LEGO City Undercover, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, The LEGO Movie Video Game, LEGO The Hobbit, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, LEGO Jurassic World, LEGO Marvel's Avengers, and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. The complication is also the remake of LEGO Stars Wars series, LEGO Harry Potter series and etc.



Like what LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga did with the first two LEGO Star Wars games, LEGO All-Stars takes all of the games released that ran on LEGO Star Wars' engine and meshes them together in one game.

  • Free play allows any character from any game to be playable in any level. This can create interesting crossover scenarios like Spider-Man and Harry Potter going around Port Royal
  • There are even more possibilities of custom characters, including one that has Darth Vader's mask, Captain America's shield, a Gryffindor shirt and Wonder Woman's legs.
  • The borders on every level has been fixed due to the inclusion of free flying characters like Superman. That way, Superman doesn't glitch through the roof of the Emperor's throne room into space.
  • While Jar Jar's jump may seem useless compared to flying characters, there are special green minikit canisters made just for the super jumpers. The green canisters are made of Kryptonite, which would be a problem for Superman when he gets near them. If a non-Kryptonians super hero flies near it or if Spider-Man swings into it, the canister would disappear until you back away from it. Only a jump can collect it.
  • The Character designs are the same as they were now. 
  • Dialogue was spoken of all in the game through mostly new dialogue provided by various voice actors from anime dubs (Particularly from FUNiMation, Studiopolis, etc providing the character's dialogue).
    • However, Games already had dialogue didn't use new dialogue and used archive recording instead.
  • All minikits in all levels are replaced with Star Wars-styled white canisters (with some green kryptonite ones for Jar Jar).
  • The stud bar is called "True Collector".
  • Splitscreen now appears in levels before LEGO Indiana Jones 2, allowing any previous frustrations of having to stick together in older games averted.
    • The Wii U version will have the option to have player 1's screen on the controller, even in levels that came before the Wii U.
  • There is a big central hub called Central.

LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game

  • This is the first time you enter Negotiations directly from selecting New Game, instead of walking around the hub to the Phantom Menace door.

Complete Saga reverts

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

  • Due to the fixed borders, super-jumpers like Jar Jar can finally jump as high as he is supposed to in the Original Trilogy levels instead of the Jedi's jump.

Complete Saga reverts

  • When Princess Leia is disguised as the bounty hunter Boushh in free play, she will have her helmet.
  • The cape is back on Luke's Endor outfit.
  • When Luke watches Ben Kenobi's death, his facial expression is corrected.

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

  • Due to the player having already unlocked Han Solo in Mos Eisley Spaceport, the Star Wars cameos in the Indiana Jones levels will not be counting for that reward. Instead, they will reveal the nearest minikit.
    • Also the Star Wars cameos will always be in the set of characters for that level. (R2-D2 is always the astromech in Desert Ambush)

LEGO Batman: The Videogame

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

  • The super-strength chains from LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 will be redesigned as a black block on a chain with a familiar phone-shaped handle.
  • Character tokens and house crests are replaced with minikit canisters. Character unlocks are completely dependent on level completion

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Characters that appeared in the previous three LEGO Star Wars games get "(Clone Wars)" added to their names. Newer characters like Ahsoka don't need that disambiguation, so their names don't change.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

  • Character tokens and house crests are replaced with minikit canisters. Character unlocks are completely dependent on level completion

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

  • Flying is controlled more like LEGO Marvel. You hold the action button to descend instead of going to a complete stop. If you stop, you don't descend unless you press the action button, allowing you to hover in place.
  • Black Cat is unlocked after completing Arkham Asylum Antics.

LEGO The Lord of the Rings

LEGO City Undercover

  • While Drop-in Drop-out co-op is available in other levels, you can't play the LEGO City Undercover levels in co-op, because it would be hard to give Chase McCain a new sidekick without messing up the story.
  • Character tokens and badge crests are replaced with minikit canisters. Character unlocks are completely dependent on level completion

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

  • The super-strength handlebars in the Marvel levels will be colored orange to match the other levels.

The LEGO Movie Videogame

LEGO The Hobbit

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham


In Free Play, after selecting your two characters, more characters are randomly selected based on their ability. It is to insure that you can get through the levels and collect all the minikits without having to bring up the character grid.

  • Acrobat - Characters that can double jump and swing on bars, climb poles, and wall-jump
  • Astromech - Astromech Droids can access panels with R2-D2's face.
  • Bag - Characters with a bag can pull stuff out when they get on a purple pad.
  • Blade - Characters with swords and claws can use them on cranks and cut doors and ropes. Other characters can gain this ability temporarily by picking up a sword.
  • Bounty Hunter - Bounty Hunters can access panels with Boba Fett's face. In Jabba's Palace, there are hat dispensers for Boushh helmets allowing anyone in Jabba's Palace to pass off as a Bounty Hunter.
  • Climber - Certain characters like Spider-Man and Gollum can climb certain walls that sparkle in red and blue.
  • Clone - Clone Troopers can access panels with Clone Helmets.
  • Dark Telekinesis - Villains with telekinesis can move more stuff than heroes. Stuff that requires Dark Telekinesis will be marked with red and black bricks, red sparkles and the fact that telekinetic heroes can't highlight them. When a telekinetic villain approaches the red sparkles, they turn into a red circle, allowing him to use his powers. Most Dark Telekinesis users also have normal telekinesis, which lets them interact with stuff for the heroes with a red circle.
  • Deluminator - Certain characters may take light from one lantern to another.
  • Dementor Slayer - Certain characters can defeat Dementors.
  • Digger - Some characters can dig. Other characters can gain this ability temporarily by picking up a shovel.
  • Elasticity - Characters can go on the Fantastic Four logo and turn into a useful object.
  • Empire - Imperial characters from the original Star Wars trilogy can access panels that show Stormtrooper helmets. Other characters can pick up Stormtrooper helmets to pass off as a normal Stormtrooper.
  • Explosive - Characters with grenades or bazookas can blast silver LEGOs. Sometimes you can find dynamite in a level letting you blow something up with another character. Boushh helmets in Jabba's Palace comes with a supply of Thermal Detonators.
  • Female - Women can seduce guards at heart windows to let them pass.
  • Fire Extinguisher - While they don't neccessarily carry fire extinguishers, certain characters can put out fires.
  • Fisher - Characters can fish at certain spots.
  • Fixer - Characters with wrenches and blacksmith hammers can fix broken machinery. Wrenches can be picked up to give other characters this ability.
  • Flight - Some characters like Superman can fly freely. When flying, you can ascend with the jump button and descend with the action button.
  • Freeze - Characters can freeze water and enemies solid.
  • Gardener - Characters can plant seeds to grow plants.
  • Glass Break - Characters can break glass with their screams or an explosive.
  • Glide - Some characters can briefly fly with a gradual descent.
  • Grappling Hook - Characters with blasters or whips can grapple up to a higher platform.
  • Grate - Characters can slip through grates
  • Gryffindor - Characters can interact with certain paintings with Gryffindor crests.
  • Hacker - Characters can hack into certain devices with control panels.
  • Heat - Characters can melt ice or blow up gold LEGO.
  • High Jump - Characters that can jump higher than acrobats.
  • Hover - Some characters can hover above the ground without free flying.
  • Hufflepuff - Some characters can interact with paintings with Hufflepuff crests.
  • Immune to Freeze - Characters can't be hurt by the cold.
  • Immune to Heat - Characters cannot be hurt by fire, and can build hot LEGOs.
  • Immune to Toxins - Characters can walk through poison without harm.
  • Joke Box - Characters can open joke boxes without falling victim to pranks.
  • Light - Characters with a light can light up dark areas.
  • Mind Control - Characters can control NPCs with a ? symbol over their heads, trick guards at ? windows and temporarily distract weak minded enemies.
  • Nazi - Germans and Russians can have access to German guard posts. Officer hats can be picked up to be cleared.
  • Parselmouth - Certain characters can talk to snakes and use this on a color puzzle.
  • Projectile - Characters that have guns or something to throw can hit bullseye targets. Other characters can gain this ability temporarily by picking up something to shoot/throw.
  • Protocol - Protocol Droids can access panels with C-3PO's face.
  • Pixie Freezer - Certain characters can freeze Cornish Pixies to defeat them.
  • Plant Control - Characters like Poison Ivy can control plants and make them grow faster.
  • Ravenclaw - Certain characters can interact with paintings with a Ravenclaw crest
  • Rock Breaker - Certain characters can break through cracked rocks.
  • Sand - Characters can go into the sand.
  • Scholar - Characters with books can read hieroglyphics.
  • Separatist - Characters can access control panels with a Battle Droid's face. They were originally control panels showing a Commando Droid but Battle Droids are more common and famous.
  • Sense - Characters can have the screen flash to reveal hidden items.
  • Shortie - Characters with short legs can crawl through vents that leads to another platform.
  • Slytherin - Characters can interact with paintings with a Slytherin crest.
  • Super-Strength - Characters can pull orange handles. When a character drinks a Strength Potion, he gets Super Strength.
  • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects. Objects that can be interacted this way are marked with blue sparkles and get a glowing circle when you get close. The color of the circle is normally purple, but Jedi have the circles the same color as their lightsabers. They also have a different animation when building: Most characters build by stacking LEGOs by hand but characters with telekinesis would have the pieces swirl around and stack themselves together, and then placed in the spot.
  • Underwater - The ability to breathe and walk underwater.
  • Useless - Meaning this character doesn't have an important ability
  • Vines - Characters like Poison Ivy can go into vine passages.
  • Water Gun - Certain characters can shoot water.


Due to this list being so long it slows me down, it has been moved to Video Game:LEGO All-Stars: The Compilation Crossover/Characters


LEGO All-Stars features the all the levels from previous LEGO Games with a few changes. When starting a new game, you'll automatically start at the level that started the whole series: Negotiations. You can leave the level early, but there won't be much to do in the cantina other than run around as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. After completing Negotiations, you can choose to be linear and start Invasion of Naboo, or you can choose one of the other levels Negotiations unlocked: The starting levels of other games (The Lost Temple, You Can Bank on Batman, The Magic Begins, Port Royal, Prologue, Some Assaults, Sand Central Station, and The Prophecy). After completing Invasion of Naboo, you unlock the Secret Plans level. Escape from Naboo unlocks Bounty Hunter Pursuit and Battle Over Coruscant. Jedi Battle unlocks Geonosian Arena. Secret Plans unlocks Hoth Battle and Jabba's Palace. The Lost Temple unlocks Hangar Havoc. Completing the LEGO Indy 1 version of any Indiana Jones movie unlocks the LEGO Indy 2 version (Completing Opening the Ark unlocks Raven Rescue). Completing You Can Bank on Batman unlocks Theatrical Pursuits. Completing a Hero storyline from the first LEGO Batman game unlocks the villain side (The Face-Off unlocks The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal). Completing Geonosian Arena unlocks Battle of Geonosis, Duel of the Droids, and The Hidden Enemy. You need to beat Legacy of Terror, Grievous Intrigue, and Liberty of Ryloth to face The Zillo Beast. Port Royal unlocks Pelegosto, Singapore, and London Town. With the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings levels, you'll need to beat one movie to progress to the next (Complete Face of the Enemy to proceed to Floo Powder, must beat The Dark Lord Returns to go into Dark Times, Amon Hen must be completed before Taming Gollum. Yeah, you even need to complete Frodo's quest at Mount Doom before starting Bilbo's journey 60 years earlier).

The Phantom Menace

This episode is the one you get dropped into when you start a new game.

  1. Negotiations
  2. Invasion of Naboo
  3. Escape From Naboo
  4. Mos Espa Pod Race
  5. Retake Theed Palace
  6. Darth Maul

Attack of the Clones

To unlock this episode, you must complete Escape from Naboo.

  1. Bounty Hunter Pursuit
  2. Discovery on Kamino
  3. Droid Factory
  4. Jedi Battle
  5. Gunship Cavalry
  6. Count Dooku

Revenge of the Sith

To unlock this episode, you must complete Escape from Naboo.

  1. Battle over Coruscant
  2. Chancellor in Peril
  3. General Grievous
  4. Defense of Kashyyyk
  5. Ruin of the Jedi
  6. Darth Vader

A New Hope

To unlock this episode, you must complete Invasion of Naboo.

  1. Secret Plans
  2. Through the Jundland Wastes
  3. Mos Eisley Spaceport
  4. Rescue the Princess
  5. Death Star Escape
  6. Rebel Attack

The Empire Strikes Back

To unlock this episode, you must complete Secret Plans.

  1. Hoth Battle
  2. Escape From Echo Base
  3. Falcon Flight
  4. Dagobah
  5. Cloud City Trap
  6. Betrayal over Bespin

Return of the Jedi

To unlock this episode, you must complete Secret Plans.

  1. Jabba's Palace
  2. The Great Pit of Carkoon
  3. Speeder Showdown
  4. The Battle of Endor
  5. Jedi Destiny
  6. Into the Death Star

Raiders of the Lost Ark

To unlock this episode, you must complete Negotiations.

  1. The Lost Temple
  2. Into the Mountains
  3. City of Danger
  4. The Well of Souls
  5. Pursuing the Ark
  6. Opening the Ark

Temple of Doom

To unlock this episode, you must complete Into the Mountains.

  1. Shanghai Showdown
  2. Pankot Secrets
  3. The Temple of Kali
  4. Free the Slaves
  5. Escape the Mines
  6. Battle on the Bridge

The Last Crusade

To unlock this episode, you must complete Into the Mountains.

  1. The Hunt for Sir Richard
  2. Castle Rescue
  3. Motorcycle Escape
  4. Trouble in the Sky
  5. Desert Ambush
  6. The Temple of the Grail

The Riddler's Revenge - Hero

To unlock this episode, you must complete Negotiations.

  1. You Can Bank on Batman
  2. An Icy Reception
  3. Two-Face Chase
  4. A Poisonous Appointment
  5. The Face-Off

Power-Crazed Penguin - Hero

To unlock this episode, you must complete An Icy Reception.

  1. There She Goes Again
  2. Batboat Battle
  3. Under the City
  4. Zoo's Company
  5. Penguin's Lair

The Joker's Return - Hero

To unlock this episode, you must complete An Icy Reception.

  1. Joker's Home Turf
  2. Little Fun at the Big Top
  3. Flight of the Bat
  4. In the Dark Night
  5. To the Top of the Tower

The Riddler's Revenge - Villain

To unlock this episode, you must complete The Face-Off.

  1. The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal
  2. On the Rocks
  3. Green Fingers
  4. An Enterprising Theft
  5. Breaking Blocks

Power-Crazed Penguin - Villain

To unlock this episode, you must complete Penguin's Lair.

  1. Rockin' the Docks
  2. Stealing the Show
  3. Harboring a Grudge
  4. A Daring Rescue
  5. Arctic World

The Joker's Return - Villain

To unlock this episode, you must complete To the Top of the Tower.

  1. A Surprise for the Commissioner
  2. Biplane Blast
  3. The Joker's Masterpiece
  4. The Lure of the Night
  5. Dying of Laughter

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 1

To unlock this episode, you must complete The Lost Temple.

  1. Hangar Havoc
  2. Doom Town
  3. Café Chaos
  4. Motorbike Mayhem
  5. Crane Train

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 2

To unlock this episode, you must complete Crane Train.

  1. Peru Cell Perusal
  2. Tomb Doom
  3. Mac Attack
  4. Rainforest Rumble
  5. Dovchenko Duel

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 3

To unlock this episode, you must complete Dovchenko Duel.

  1. Repair Scare
  2. River Ruckus
  3. Temple Tangle
  4. Ugha Struggle
  5. Akator Ambush

Raiders of the Lost Ark 2

To unlock this episode, you must complete Opening the Ark.

  1. Raven Rescue
  2. Market Mayhem
  3. Map Room Mystery
  4. After the Ark
  5. Belloq Battle

Temple of Doom 2

To unlock this episode, you must complete Battle on the Bridge.

  1. Lao Chase
  2. Monkey Mischief
  3. Malice at the Palace
  4. Temple Tantrum
  5. Mola Rampage

The Last Crusade 2

To unlock this episode, you must complete Temple of the Grail.

  1. The Coronado Caper
  2. Brunwald Blaze
  3. Berlin Brawl
  4. Cannon Canyon
  5. Trial & Terror

The Sorcerer's Stone

To unlock this episode, you must complete Negotiations.

  1. The Magic Begins
  2. Out of the Dungeon
  3. A Jinxed Broom
  4. The Restricted Section
  5. The Forbidden Forest
  6. Face of the Enemy

The Chamber of Secrets

To unlock this episode, you must complete Face of the Enemy.

  1. Floo Powder!
  2. Dobby's Plan
  3. Crabbe and Goyle
  4. Tom Riddle's Diary
  5. Follow the Spiders
  6. The Basilisk

The Prisoner of Azkaban

To unlock this episode, you must complete The Basilisk.

  1. News From Azkaban
  2. Hogsmeade
  3. Mischief Managed
  4. The Shrieking Shack
  5. Dementor's Kiss
  6. The Dark Tower

The Goblet of Fire

To unlock this episode, you must complete The Dark Tower.

  1. The Quidditch World Cup
  2. Dragons
  3. The First Task
  4. Secret of the Egg
  5. The Black Lake
  6. The Dark Lord Returns

Geonosian Arena

To unlock this stand-alone level, you must complete Jedi Battle.

Count Dooku

To unlock this episode, you must complete Geonosian Arena.

  1. The Battle of Geonosis
  2. Gungan General
  3. Jedi Crash
  4. Defenders of Peace
  5. Weapons Factory
  6. Legacy of Terror

General Grievous

To unlock this episode, you must complete Geonosian Arena.

  1. Duel of the Droids
  2. Shadow of Malevolence
  3. Destroy Malevolence
  4. Lair of Grievous
  5. Rookies
  6. Grievous Intrigue

Asajj Ventress

To unlock this episode, you must complete Geonosian Arena.

  1. The Hidden Enemy
  2. Ambush!
  3. Blue Shadow Virus
  4. Storm over Ryloth
  5. Innocents of Ryloth
  6. Liberty on Ryloth

The Zillo Beast

To unlock this stand alone level, you must complete Legacy of Terror, Grievous Intrigue and Liberty on Ryloth.

The Curse of the Black Pearl

To unlock this episode, you must complete Negotiations.

  1. Port Royal
  2. Tortuga
  3. The Black Pearl Attacks
  4. Smuggler's Den
  5. Isla De Muerta

Dead Man's Chest

To unlock this episode, you must complete Port Royal.

  1. Pelogosto
  2. A Touch of Destiny
  3. The Dutchman's Secret
  4. Isla Cruces
  5. The Kraken

At World's End

To unlock this episode, you must complete Port Royal.

  1. Singapore
  2. Davy Jones' Locker
  3. Norrington's Choice
  4. The Brethren Court
  5. The Maelstrom

On Stranger Tides

To unlock this episode, you must complete Port Royal.

  1. London Town
  2. Queen Anne's Revenge
  3. White Cap Bay
  4. A Spanish Legacy
  5. The Fountain of Youth

Order of the Phoenix

To unlock this episode, you must complete The Dark Lord Returns.

  1. Dark Times
  2. Dumbledore's Army
  3. Focus!
  4. Kreacher Discomforts
  5. A Giant Virtuoso
  6. A Veiled Threat

Half-Blood Prince

To unlock this episode, you must complete A Veiled Threat.

  1. Out of Retirement
  2. Just Desserts
  3. A Not So Merry Christmas
  4. Love Hurts
  5. Felix Felices
  6. The Horcrux and the Hand

Deathly Hallows Pt. 1

To unlock this episode, you must complete The Horcrux and the Hand.

  1. The Seven Harrys
  2. Magic is Might
  3. In Grave Danger
  4. Sword and Locket
  5. Lovegood's Lunacy
  6. DOBBY!

Deathly Hallows Pt. 2

To unlock this episode, you must complete DOBBY!

  1. The Thief's Downfall
  2. Back to School
  3. Burning Bridges
  4. Fiendfyre Frenzy
  5. Snape's Tears
  6. The Flaw in the Plan

DC Super Heroes

To unlock this episode, you must complete You Can Bank on Batman.

  1. Theatrical Pursuits
  2. Harbouring a Criminal
  3. Arkham Asylum Antics
  4. Arkham Assignment
  5. Chemical Crisis
  6. Chemical Signature
  7. Unwelcome Guests
  8. Destination Metropolis
  9. Research and Development
  10. Down to Earth
  11. Underground Retreat
  12. The Next President
  13. Core Instability
  14. Tower Defiance
  15. Heroes Unite

The Fellowship of the Ring

To unlock this episode, you must complete Negotiations.

  1. Prologue
  2. The Black Rider
  3. Weathertop
  4. The Pass of Caradhras
  5. The Mines of Moria
  6. Amon Hen

The Two Towers

To unlock this episode, you must complete Prologue.

  1. Taming Gollum
  2. The Dead Marshes
  3. Track Hobbits
  4. Warg Attack
  5. Helm's Deep
  6. Osgiliath

The Return of the King

To unlock this episode, you must complete Prologue.

  1. The Secret Stairs
  2. Cirith Ungol
  3. The Paths of the Dead
  4. The Battle of Pellenor Fields
  5. The Black Gate
  6. Mount Doom

LEGO City Undercover

To unlock this episode, you must complete Negotiations.

  1. Some Assaults
  2. Trouble in Stir
  3. Miner Altercation
  4. Kung Fool
  5. Dirty Work
  6. Astronaughty
  7. Scrapyard Scrap
  8. The Colossal Fossil Hustle
  9. Hot Property
  10. Smash 'n' Grab
  11. They All Scream for Ice Cream
  12. High Steal
  13. Disruptive Behavior
  14. Breaking and Reentering
  15. Fly Me to the Moon


To unlock this episode, you must complete Negotiations.

  1. Sand Central Station
  2. Times Square Off
  3. Exploratory Laboratory
  4. Rock up at the Lock up
  5. Rebooted, Resuited
  6. Red Head Detention
  7. Bifrosty Reception
  8. Juggernauts and Crosses
  9. Doctor in the House
  10. That Sinking Feeling
  11. Taking Liberties
  12. Rapturous Rise
  13. Magnetic Personality
  14. A Doom with a View
  15. The Good, the Bad and the Hungry

The LEGO Movie

To unlock this episode, you must complete Negotiations.

0. The Prophecy
  1. Bricksburg Construction
  2. Escape From Bricksburg
  3. Flatbush Gulch
  4. Flatbush Rooftops
  5. Escape From Flatbush
  6. Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land
  7. Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land
  8. Escape From Cloud Cuckoo Land
  9. The Depths
  10. Infiltrate the Octane Tower
  11. Put The Thing On The Thing
  12. Broadcast News
  13. Back From Reality
  14. Bricksburg Under Attack
  15. The Final Showdown

An Unexpected Journey

To unlock this episode, you must complete Mount Doom.

  1. The Greatest Kingdom of Middle-earth
  2. An Unexpected Party
  3. Azog the Defiler
  4. Roast Mutton
  5. The Troll Hoard
  6. Over Hill and Under Hill
  7. Goblin-town
  8. Out of the Frying Pan

The Desolation of Smaug

To unlock this episode, you must complete Out of the Frying Pan.

  1. Queer Lodgings
  2. Flies and Spiders
  3. Barrels Out of Bond
  4. A Warm Welcome
  5. Looking for Proof
  6. The Necromancer
  7. On the Doorstep
  8. Inside Information

Beyond Gotham

To unlock this episode, you must complete Heroes Unite.

  1. Pursuers in the Sewers
  2. Breaking BATS!
  3. Space suits you Sir!
  4. Space Station Infestation
  5. The Big Grapple
  6. The Lantern Menace
  7. Europe Against It
  8. Big Trouble in Little Gotham
  9. Power of Love
  10. A Blue Hope
  11. Jailhouse Nok
  12. All the Rage
  13. Need for Greed
  14. Aw-Quard Situation
  15. Breaking the Ice
  16. Same Bat Time! Same Bat Channel!(Bonus)
  17. The Dark Knight Pack Level(DLC)
  18. Man Of Steel Pack Level(DLC)
  19. Batman 75th Anniversary Level(DLC)
  20. Arrow Pack Level(DLC)

Jurassic Park

To unlock this episode, you must complete Breaking the Ice

  1. Prologue
  2. Welcome to Jurassic Park!
  3. Park Shutdown
  4. Restoring Power
  5. The Visitor Center

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

To unlock this episode, you must complete The Visitor Center

  1. Isla Sorna
  2. InGen Arrival
  3. The Hunted 
  4. Communications Center
  5. San Diego

Jurassic Park III

To unlock this episode, you must complete San Diego

  1. Landing Site
  2. The Spinosaurus 
  3. Breeding Facility
  4. Eric Kirby
  5. The Bird Cage

Jurassic World

To unlock this episode, you must complete The Bird Cage

  1. Welcome to Jurassic World
  2. Gyrosphere Valley
  3. Out of Bounds
  4. Under Attack
  5. Main Street Shutdown

Marvel's Avengers

To unlock this episode, you must complete Main Street Showdown

  1. Struck Off The List
  2. A Loki Entrance
  3. Rail Hydra
  4. Shakespeare in the Park 
  5. Helicarrier Havoc
  6. Avengers Assemble
  7. Earth’s Mightiest
  8. Lack of Insight
  9. Ready, A.I.M., Fire
  10. Lost in the Aether
  11. No Strings On Me
  12. Anger Management
  13. Korea Prospects
  14. Rise of Ultron
  15. Ultron Undone

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

To unlock this episode, you must complete Ultron Undone

  1. Prologue - The Battle of Endor
  2. Assault On Jakku
  3. Escape From The Finalizer
  4. Niima Outpost
  5. The Eravana
  6. Maz's Castle
  7. Battle of Takodana
  8. The Resistance
  9. Starkiller Sabotage
  10. Destroy Starkiller Base
  11. The Finale
  12. Luke's Island
  13. Poe to the Rescue
  14. Rathtar Hunting
  15. Lor San Tekka's Return
  16. Crimson Corsair
  17. Trouble Over Taul
  18. Ottegan Assault
  19. Escape from Starkiller Base (DLC)
  20. First Order Siege of Takodana (DLC)
  21. Poe’s Quest for Survival (DLC)
  22. The Phantom Limb (DLC)

Marvel Super Heroes 2


Central is the main hub of the game. It is sci-fi styled location in the middle of the Multiverse. After completing Negotiations, you will come here and get introduced to Agent Coulson, who gives you a tour of the hub. You will start off as Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi when loading the game. When returning from a level you'll play as the last two characters you used that is not custom, extra toggle, giants (like MetalBeard, but simple Bigfigs like Hulk and Hagrid are okay) and vehicles. Unlocked characters roam around the hub freely at random, which you can switch to.

Start Room

This is the room where you start off in. It has the hologram showing how much of the game is complete. When you approach it, the counters of how many Gold Bricks, Minikits, True Collectors, and Power Bricks you have out of the total in the game. Around the room, there are doors leading to the different rooms.

Universe Rooms

There are nine universe doors. They are the doors marked with the series logos: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, DC Universe, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lord of the Rings, LEGO City, Marvel, and The LEGO Movie. The layout of each room reflect the universe they represent. (a ship with a view of Space in Star Wars, a cave with hieroglyphics for Indiana Jones, the Batcave replica for DC, a Hogwarts-styled hallway for Harry Potter, a pirate ship for Pirates of the Caribbean, a dwarfish mine with Sauron's eye seen in a hole broken in the wall for the Lord of the Rings, a police station for LEGO City, a replica of Avengers Tower for Marvel, and a replica of Emmet's house for The LEGO Movie. The characters seen roaming around mostly come from that universe. You can come in as any character, but if you tag a character and your previous character didn't belong in that universe, he/she would head to the exit unless you tag him/her before he/she leaves. In each room, there are either doors for each episode (for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, DC, Harry Potter, Pirates, and Lord of the Rings) or just portals to each level (for LEGO City, Marvel and LEGO Movie). Within each episode room, there is a portal to each level, which can be played in Story or Free Play, plus three extra doors one that leads to the Super Story, which you can do a time trial of Story Mode and an Episode Bonus for Character and Vehicle respectively.

Character Store

This is the room where you buy characters. The Thuggee Slave Driver will be the one to sell you the characters. When you select a character to buy, the character will come out of the door that the player can't access. And what happens next depends on the morality of the player and the character about to be sold. If they are on the same side (good character buying a good character), the sold character will wave, which the player will simply walk up to him/her, press the action button, and confirm the purchase. However, if the two characters are enemies (good buying evil) you will have to fight him/her first until he/she holds his/her hands up in surrender, then you buy. After the purchase, the sold character will walk around and you can tag him/her.

DLC Room

This is where you can buy DLC stuff like extra characters. The Market Trader will sell you stuff over Xbox Live, the Playstation Network or Nintendo Network depending on what console you're playing on.

Parking Lot

When you go outside, the vehicles you unlocked can be accessed via a terminal. Then you can drive the vehicle around. Watto will also be there selling new vehicles.

Jabba's Room

This is where you access the Bounty Hunter Missions. In each mission, you play as the Bounty Hunters from LEGO Star Wars II, with the addition of three Clone Wars Bounty Hunters Cad Bane, Aurra Sing, and Robonino. These are the bounties:

  1. Qui-Gon Jinn - Negotiations
  2. Queen Amidala - Escape From Naboo
  3. Jar Jar Binks - Invasion of Naboo
  4. Mace Windu - Droid Factory
  5. Kit Fisto - Discovery on Kamino
  6. Luminara - Jedi Battle
  7. Ki-Adi-Mundi - Chancellor In Peril
  8. Rebel Trooper - Defense of Kashyyyk
  9. Shaak Ti - Ruin of the Jedi
  10. Commander Cody - General Grievous
  11. R2-D2 - Secret Plans
  12. Ben Kenobi - Through the Jundland Wastes
  13. Chewbacca - Mos Eisley Spaceport
  14. Princess Leia - Rescue the Princess
  15. Admiral Ackbar - Escape from Echo Base
  16. Yoda - The Battle of Endor
  17. C-3PO - Betrayal Over Bespin
  18. Lando Calrissian - Betrayal Over Bespin
  19. Luke Skywalker (Tatooine) - Mos Eisley Spaceport
  20. Han Solo - Escape from Echo Base
  21. R2-D2 (Clone Wars) - Duel of the Droids
  22. Yoda (Clone Wars) - Ambush!
  23. Padmé Amidala - Blue Shadow Virus
  24. Anakin Skywalker - Destroy Malevolence
  25. Captain Rex - Rookies
  26. Plo Koon (Clone Wars) - Shadow of Malevolence
  27. Aayla Secura (Clone Wars) - Jedi Crash
  28. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Clone Wars) - Storm over Ryloth
  29. Ahsoka - Castle of Doom
  30. Kit Fisto (Clone Wars) - Lair of Grievous
  31. Bail Organa - Hostage Crisis
  32. Waxer - Innocents of Ryloth
  33. Commander Cody (Clone Wars) - The Hidden Enemy
  34. Commander Ponds - Weapons Factory
  35. Luminara Unduli - Legacy of Terror
  36. Eeth Koth - Grievous Intrigue
  37. Indiana Jones - the Lost Temple
  38. Batman - You Can Bank on Batman
  39. Harry Potter - Dark Times
  40. Captain Jack Sparrow - In Port Royal
  41. Ron Weasley - Floo Powder!
  42. Emmet - Bricksburg Construction
  43. Will Turner - Isla De Muerta
  44. Hermione Granger - Out of the Dungeon
  45. Professor Dumbledore - The Horcrux and the Hand
  46. Elizabeth Swann - Smuggler's Den
  47. Superman - Research and Development
  48. Wyldstyle - Escape From Bricksburg
  49. Robin - Under the City
  50. Spider-Man - Times Square Off
  51. Hulk - Rock up at the Lock up
  52. Wonder Woman - Heroes Unite
  53. Green Lantern - Tower Defiance
  54. Vitruvius (Old) - Flatbush Gulch
  55. Iron Man (Mark 6) - Rebooted, Resuited
  56. Thor - Bifrosty Reception
  57. Unikitty - Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land
  58. Benny - Fly Me to the Moon
  59. Chase McCain - Some Assaults
  60. Lois Lane - Destination Metropolis
  61. Mary Jane Watson - Exploratory Laboratory
  62. Aunt May - Sand Central Station
  63. Stan Lee - Nuff Said
  64. Wolverine - Magnetic Personality
  65. Alfred - Unwelcome Guests
  66. Gandalf the Grey - An Unexpected Party
  67. Thorin - The Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth
  68. Frodo - The Black Rider
  69. Aquaman - The Black Lake
  70. Pippin - Track Hobbits
  71. Deadpool - Love Hurts
  72. Nick Fury - The Good, the Bad and the Hungry
  73. Agent Coulson - Darth Maul
  74. Maria Hill - Taking Liberties
  75. Natalia Kowalski - Dirty Work
  76. Cyclops - That Sinking Feeling
  77. Professor X - Juggernauts and Crosses
  78. Luna Lovegood - Lovegood's Lunacy
  79. Mutt - Tomb Doom
  80. Willie - The Temple of Kali

Spell Class

This is where you can buy spells for the Harry Potter characters. Ollivander will teach you a spell, and you will test it on five Death Eaters. Once the fifth Death Eater is defeated, you will pay the studs and the spell will be on the spell wheel permanently.

Super Free Play Room

This is where you select six levels to play in a row in Free Play. There are no collectables, just meant to be for fun. Your party will remain the same for all six levels. This is a great way to bring Extra Toggle characters to other levels.


This is where you read information from the source materials. The librarian from Venice will sell you the books, each with a line of information about either Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the DC Universe, Harry Potter, Pirates, LEGO City, Lord of the Rings, the Marvel Universe, and The LEGO Movie. You can also read a book describing your current character.

Hint Room

This is where Coulson hangs out after the tour. He will sell you hints about how to play the game.

Bonus Room

This is where the Bonus levels are. If you have enough Gold Bricks, you can build the doors.

  1. A New Hope - 40 Bricks - A level from LSW1 that teases LSW2 where Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper board the Tantive IV.
  2. LEGO Planet - 80 Bricks - The LEGO City from LSW2.
  3. Anakin's Flight - 120 Bricks - A deleted level from LSW1 that is brought back in LSWCS, where Anakin destroys the control ship.
  4. New Town - 160 Bricks - The final bonus level from LSWCS
  5. Young Indy - 200 Bricks - A level where Young Indy and his fello
  6. Ancient City - 240 Bricks
  7. Warehouse - 280 Bricks
  8. Wayne Manor - 320 Bricks
  9. Arkham Asylum - 360 Bricks
  10. Harry's Destiny - 400 Bricks
  11. Hostage Crisis - 440 Bricks
  12. Castle of Doom - 480 Bricks
  13. The Ride - 520 Bricks
  14. LEGO Hogwarts - 560 Bricks
  15. LEGO Gotham City - 600 Bricks
  16. LEGO Middle-earth - 640 Bricks
  17. The Brick Apple? - 680 Bricks
  18. Nuff Said - 720 Bricks
  19. House Party Protocol - 760 Bricks
  20. Tabloid Tidy Up - 800 Bricks
  21. A Shock Withdrawal - 840 Bricks
  22. Feeling Frisky - 880 Bricks
  23. Put up Your Dukes - 920 Bricks
  24. Stunt Show Surprise - 960 Bricks
  25. Reptillian Ruckus - 1000 Bricks
  26. Stranger Danger - 1040 Bricks
  27. The Thrill of Chess - 1080 Bricks
  28. Bro-tunheim - 1120 Bricks
  29. Giant Middle-earth - 1160 Bricks
  30. Copycats - 1200 Bricks - A new level where Catwoman and Black Cat rob the Gotham Bank and face their exboyfriends Batman and Spider-Man.
  31. Pirates vs. Jedi - 1240 Bricks - A new level where Luke Skywalker (in Jedi robes) and Ahsoka Tano hunt for the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow on Port Royal
  32. Sentinels in LEGO City - 1280 - A new level where Chase McCain and Wolverine defend LEGO City from Sentinels - both Blackwell's security and the mutant hunters.
  33. For Middle-midgard - 1300 Bricks - A new level where Thor and Aragorn defend Middle-earth from Frost Giants and Orcs.
  34. Indy & Solo - 1400 Bricks - A new level where Han Solo and Indiana Jones team up
  35. Super-Spider - 1500 Bricks

Code Room

This is where you can enter cheat codes.

Reed Richards will sell you game-enhancing extras when you find some Power Bricks. If you come in as Mr. Fantastic, Reed will say "Fascinating! We're identical. I wonder how this happened? Time travel? Cloning? Alternate universe?"

Here's a list of extras corresponding to the levels you find them.

  1. Negotiations - Super Gonk - Gonk Droids run fast and jump.
  2. Invasion of Naboo - Poo Money - Animals poop money when you press the action button while riding them.
  3. Escape from Naboo - Walkie Talkie Disable - Using your walkie talkie disables all robots in your area.
  4. Mos Espa Pod Race - Power Brick Detector - A red arrow points to the Power Brick in the level.
  5. Retake Theed Palace - Extra Toggle - You can switch to extra characters in Free Play
  6. Darth Maul - Force Grapple Leap - Jedi and Sith Force Jump at grapple points.
  7. Bounty Hunter Pursuit - Stud Magnet - You collect studs from farther away.
  8. Discovery on Kamino - Disarm Enemies - Enemies don't shoot.
  9. Droid Factory - Character Studs - Fallen enemies drop studs
  10. Jedi Battle - Perfect Deflect - You will always deflect back at the shooter when holding a lightsaber block.
  11. Gunship Calvalry - Exploding Blaster Bolts - Your blaster bolts will explode.
  12. Count Dooku - Force Pull - You pull droids toward you.
  13. Battle Over Coruscant - Vehicle Smart Bomb
  14. Chancellor in Peril - Super Astromech
  15. General Grievous - Super Jedi Slam - The Jedi Slam has longer range
  16. Defense of Kashyyyk - Super Thermal Detonator - Thermal Detonators have larger radius.
  17. Ruin of the Jedi - Deflect Bolts - You don't need a lightsaber to deflect blasters anymore.
  18. Darth Vader - Dark Side - Telekinetic users can use dark telekinesis
  19. Secret Plans - Super Blasters - Blasters do double damage.
  20. Through the Jundland Wastes - Fast Telekinesis - Telekinesis is faster
  21. Mos Eisley Spaceport - Super Lightsabers - Lightsabers do double damage
  22. Rescue the Princess - Tractor Beam - Enemy ships are stuck in your tractor beam.
  23. Death Star Escape - Tow Death Star - Towable bombs look like miniature Death Stars
  24. Rebel Attack - Score x2 - Studs multiply by 2.
  25. Hoth Battle - Self Destruct - Press the Action Button as a robot to Self-Destruct
  26. Escape From Echo Base - Fast Build - You build faster
  27. Falcon Flight - Score x3 - Studs multiply by 3.
  28. Dagobah - Daisy Chains - Grappling hooks and whips resemble flowers
  29. Cloud City Trap - Chewbacca Carrying C-3PO - Chewie will carry C-3PO
  30. Betrayal Over Bespin - Minikit Detector - White arrows will point to Minikits
  31. Jabba's Palace - Super Zapper - Zappers destroy droids.
  32. The Great Pit of Carkoon - Super Bounty Hunter Rockets - Jango and Boba's rockets do double damage.
  33. Speeder Showdown - Score x4 - Studs multiply by 4
  34. The Battle of Endor - Super Ewok Catapult - Ewoks slingshot proton torpedos
  35. Jedi Destiny - Score x5 - Studs multiply by 5
  36. Into the Death Star - Infinite Torpedos - You never run out of proton torpedos
  37. The Lost Temple - Fast Fix - You fix with a wrench faster.
  38. Into the Mountains - Super Slap - Slap attacks do double damage
  39. City of Danger - Score x6 - Studs multiply by 6
  40. The Well of Souls - Fast Dig - You dig faster
  41. Pursuing the Ark - Beep Beep - You can honk your horn
  42. Opening the Ark - Silhouettes - Everyone's model are painted black.
  43. Shanghai Showdown - Score x7 - Studs multiply by 7
  44. Pankot Secrets - Fertilizer - Animals poop
  45. The Temple of Kali - Super Sonic - Sound moves that break glass also hurt enemies.
  46. Free the Slaves - Disguises - You wear glasses and a fake nose.
  47. Escape the Mines - Score x8 - Studs multiply by 8
  48. Battle on the Bridge - Regenerate Hearts
  49. The Hunt for Sir Richard - Gold Brick Detector
  50. Castle Rescue - Ice Rink
  51. Motorcycle Escape - Score x9
  52. Trouble in the Sky - Advanced Guide
  53. Desert Ambush - Score x10
  54. The Temple of the Grail - Invincibility
  55. You Can Bank on Batman - Fast Grapple
  56. An Icy Reception - Fast Baterangs
  57. Two-Face Chase - More Targets
  58. A Poisonous Appointment - Flaming Baterang
  59. The Face-Off - Gliding Slam
  60. There She Goes Again - More Bombs
  61. Batboat Battle - Ice Rink
  62. Under the City - Christmas
  63. Zoo's Company - Area Effect
  64. Penguin's Lair - Bats
  65. Joker's Home Turf - Freeze Batarang
  66. Little Fun at the Big Top - Decoy
  67. Flight of the Bat - Fast Magnet Walk
  68. In the Dark Night - Fast Vacuum
  69. To the Top of the Tower - Vacuum Piece Detector
  70. The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal - Score x11
  71. On the Rocks - Score x12
  72. Green Fingers - Score x13
  73. An Enterprising Theft - Score x14
  74. Breaking Blocks - Score x15
  75. Rockin' the Docks - Super Strength
  76. Stealing the Show - Super Swing
  77. Harbouring a Grudge - Immune to Toxic Waste
  78. A Daring Rescue - Fall Rescue
  79. Arctic World - Always Score Multiply
  80. A Surprise for the Commissioner
  81. Biplane Blast - Immune to Freeze
  82. The Joker's Masterpiece - Original Models - The level uses the graphics of the original game and the models match their original LEGO look.
  83. The Lure of the Night - Immune to Heat
  84. Dying of Laughter - Adaptive Difficulty
  85. Hangar Havoc - Attract Loot
  86. Doom Town - Survive Explosion
  87. Café Chaos - No Friendly Fire
  88. Motorbike Mayhem
  89. Crane Train - Choo Choo
  90. Peru Cell Perusal
  91. Tomb Doom - Fearless
  92. Mac Attack - Snake Whip
  93. Rainforest Rumble
  94. Dovchenko Duel - Repel Critters
  95. Repair Scare - Breaking and Walking
  96. River Ruckus - Walk on Water
  97. Temple Tangle - Spike Platform
  98. Ugha Struggle - Spear Guns
  99. Akator Ambush - Enter Code
  100. Raven Rescue - Reflect Beam
  101. Market Mayhem - Always Collect Enemy Weapons
  102. Map Room Mystery - Objective Helper
  103. After the Ark - Auto Pilot
  104. Belloq Battle - One Hit KO
  105. Lao Chase - Infinite Boost
  106. Monkey Mischief - Super Jump
  107. Malace at the Palace - Enemy Detector
  108. Temple Tantrum - Score x16
  109. Mola Rampage - Thuggee
  110. Coronado Caper - Super Punch
  111. Brunwald Blaze - Flaming Fist
  112. Berlin Brawl - German Access
  113. Cannon Canyon - Super Vehicle Weapons
  114. Trial & Terror - Lose No Studs
  115. The Magic Begins - Everyone's Magic
  116. Out of the Dungeon - All Female - Male characters get feminine faces and hair and can access feminine wiles doors.
  117. A Jinxed Broom - Flying Characters
  118. The Restricted Section - Invisibility - Your character is invisible to everyone.
  119. The Forbidden Forest - Brushes
  120. Face of the Enemy - Double Characters
  121. Floo Powder - Teleport
  122. Dobby's Plan - Singing Mandrake
  123. Crabbe and Goyle - All House Access - When an area normally requires someone of a specific Hogwarts house, all characters can access.
  124. Tom Riddle's Diary - Collect Ghost Studs
  125. Follow the Spiders - Spiders - Spiders will follow you
  126. The Basilisk - Immune to Gaze - You can't be petrified by the Basilisk
  127. News From Azkaban - Super Break-Out - Can break out of rope instantly
  128. Hogsmeade - Carrots - Everyone's items will be replaced with carrots.
  129. Mischief Managed - Map - A map will appear on the bottom right corner showing your location.
  130. The Shrieking Shack - Animal characters - Your characters are replaced with animals.
  131. Dementor's Kiss - Time Travel - You can go back in time with the action button. How long ago? Depends on how long you hold it.
  132. The Dark Tower - Explosive Attacks - All attacks cause an explosion that breaks silver.
  133. The Quidditch World Cup - Jinx Friend - Can defeat your friend with a jinx
  134. Dragons - Flamethrower - Everyone can breath fire.
  135. The First Task - Gold Medal - You wear a medal
  136. Secret of the Egg - Screeching Egg - You hold an egg that screeches
  137. The Black Lake - Breathe Underwater - When swimming underwater, you don't get blue hearts, so you can stay indefinately
  138. The Dark Lord Returns - Ghosts - You are a ghost.
  139. Geonosian Arena - Scars - Your character get battle scars when attacked.
  140. Battle of Geonosis - Purple Lightsabers - Your lightsaber is purple
  141. Gungan General - Clone Access - You can access clone panels with any character.
  142. Jedi Crash - Super Wall Cut - You cut walls fast without having to trace them.
  143. Defenders of Peace - Super Speeders
  144. Weapons Factory - Invincible Destroyer Droids - Droideka shields can't be lowered. Don't turn this on in levels where Droidekas are common or you'll have a hard time.
  145. Legacy of Terror - Glow in the Dark - You glow greenish in the dark, and can access dark places.
  146. Duel of the Droids - Astromech Access - Anyone can access Astromech panels
  147. Shadow of Malevolence - Shift Space Altitude - Flying vehicle levels in Star Wars and Batman has you fly freely.
  148. Destroy Malevolence - Protocol Access - Everyone can access Protocol panels
  149. Lair of Grievous - Four Arms - Characters now have four arms
  150. Rookies - Clone Bombs - All Clone Troopers use Thermal Detonators
  151. Grievous Intrigue - Random Lightsabers - Lightsabers are a random color.
  152. The Hidden Enemy - Duel Wield - Jedi and Sith hold two lightsabers.
  153. Ambush - Ambush Enemies - Enemies don't notice you until you attack.
  154. Blue Shadow Virus - Super Protocol - Can use Protocol panels without a code.
  155. Storm Over Ryloth - Flying Vehicle Free - Characters now fly through space without a vehicle
  156. Innocents of Ryloth - Destiny Bond - If you defeat an enemy, you fall with him
  157. Liberty on Ryloth - No Enemies - No enemies will spawn
  158. The Zillo Beast
  159. Port Royal - Always Double Treasure - Studs multiply by 2
  160. Tortuga
  161. The Black Pearl Attacks - Walk Underwater - All characters can walk underwater. However, if they can't breathe their hearts turn blue and gradually deplete.
  162. Smuggler's Den - Attract Loot - You can attract stuff like gold, silver, rubies, etc.
  163. Isla De Muerta - Skeletal - All characters become skeletal like the curse.
  164. Pelegosto
  165. A Touch of Destiny
  166. The Dutchman's Secret
  167. Isla Cruces - CPU Hearts - Can see the health of the AI friend.
  168. The Kraken - Tentacles - Characters now have a set of tentacles on their backs.
  169. Singapore
  170. Davy Jones' Locker - Many Jacks - Everyone becomes Captain Jack Sparrow
  171. Norrington's Choice
  172. The Brethren Court - Movie Scenes - The cutscenes are replaced with movie clips
  173. The Maelstrom - Tornado - You can spin as a tornado to attack enemies.
  174. London Town - British Shirts - Everyone wears a Union Jack shirt.
  175. Queen Anne's Revenge
  176. White Cap Bay - Mermaids - Characters get a mermaid tail when they swim.
  177. A Spanish Legacy - Mexican Music - Mexican music will play and characters will dance the macarana
  178. The Fountain of Youth - Resurrection - You rebuild yourself when defeated
  179. Dark Times - Frozen Proximity - Enemies that get close to you will get frozen
  180. Dumbledore's Army - Graduation Hats - Characters wear graduation hats
  181. Focus! - Telepathy - All characters can read minds and control people.
  182. Kreacher Discomforts - Red Nose - Everyone has a red nose
  183. A Giant Vituoso - Mini Characters - You are small
  184. A Veiled Threat - Death Eater Masks - Your characters wear the mask of the Death Eaters
  185. Out of Retirement - Score x17
  186. Just Desserts - Eaters - You're idle animation has your character sit down and eat cake.
  187. A Not So Merry Christmas - Super Speed - You run faster than the Flash
  188. Love Hurts - Love - Characters have hearts hovering around them and loving facial expressions
  189. Felix Felices - Lucky - You have clovers hovering around you, enemies always miss, you get more studs than usual (including purple studs), your auto aim improves, and everything will go in your favor.
  190. The Horcrux and the Hand - Beards - Everyone will have grey beards.
  191. The Seven Harrys - Many Harries - Everyone will be Harry Potter
  192. Magic is Might - Story Toggle - You can freely change characters in Story Mode
  193. In Grave Danger -
  194. Sword and Locket - Sword of Gryffindor - Everyone will have the Sword of Gryffindor
  195. Lovegood's Lunacy - Tea Cups - Weapons will be replaced with tea cups
  196. DOBBY! - Pointy Ears - Characters now have pointy ears
  197. The Thief's Downfall - No Studs - Studs will not spawn and you will have zero studs.
  198. Back to School - Reading - Characters will read in their idle poses
  199. Burning Bridges - Comedy Specs
  200. Fiendfyre Frenzy - Flaming Characters - You will be engulfed in flames like the Human Torch
  201. Snape's Tears - Crying Characters - Everyone cries a stream of tears
  202. The Flaw in the Plan
  203. Theatrical Pursuits - Theatre Masks - You will be wearing a happy mask
  204. Harbouring a Criminal - Peril Finder - Purple arrows will point to civilians in peril.
  205. Arkham Asylum Antics - Vine Grapples - Your grappling hook or whip will look like vines.
  206. Arkham Assignment - Score x18
  207. Chemical Crisis
  208. Chemical Signature
  209. Unwelcome Guests
  210. Destination Metropolis
  211. Research and Development
  212. Down to Earth - Gravity - No one can jump or fly
  213. Underground Retreat
  214. The Next President - Patriots - Everyone dresses like Uncle Sam
  215. Core Instability
  216. Tower Defiance
  217. Heroes Unite - More Onscreen Characters - All togglable characters are on screen in Free Play to be tagged.
  218. Prologue - 8-Bit Music - Classic music plays
  219. The Black Rider - Hobbits - Everyone is a Hobbit.
  220. Weathertop - Flammable - Heatproof characters like Human Torch can be defeated by fire. (In fact, Johnny hurts himself when he flames on or throws fireballs)
  221. The Pass of Caradhras
  222. The Mines of Moria - Boss Disguises
  223. Amon Hen
  224. Taming Gollum
  225. The Dead Marshes
  226. Track Hobbits
  227. Warg Attack
  228. Helm's Deep
  229. Osgiliath
  230. The Secret Stairs
  231. Cirith Ungol
  232. The Paths of the Dead - Green Ghosts - Ghosts are greenish instead of light blueish
  233. The Battle of Pellenor Fields
  234. The Black Gate - Red Lightsabers - Jedi wield red lightsabers.
  235. Mount Doom - Lava Swimming - All characters can swim in lava unharmed
  236. Some Assaults
  237. Trouble in Stir
  238. Miner Altercation
  239. Kung Fool
  240. Dirty Work
  241. Astronaughty
  242. Scrapyard Scrap
  243. The Colossal Fossil Hustle - Mario Hat (Wii U)/Red Hat (PS4/Xbox One) - Characters wear Mario's Hat in the Wii U version while in the other versions, you get a plain red baseball cap
  244. Hot Property
  245. Smash 'n' Grab
  246. They All Scream for Ice Cream
  247. High Steal
  248. Disruptive Behavior
  249. Breaking and Reentering
  250. Fly Me to the Moon
  251. Sand Central Station
  252. Times Square Off
  253. Exploratory Laboratory
  254. Rock up at the Lock up
  255. Rebooted, Resuited
  256. Red Head Detention
  257. Bifrosty Reception
  258. Juggernauts and Crosses
  259. Doctor in the House
  260. That Sinking Feeling
  261. Taking Liberties
  262. Rapturous Rise
  263. Magnetic Personality
  264. A Doom With A View
  265. The Good, the Bad and the Hungry - Super Minifigures - You are bigger.
  266. The Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth
  267. An Unexpected Party
  268. Azog the Defiler
  269. Roast Mutton
  270. The Troll Hoard
  271. Over Hill and Under Hill
  272. Goblin-town
  273. Out of the Frying Pan
  274. Queer Lodgings
  275. Flies and Spiders
  276. Barrels Out of Bond
  277. A Warm Welcome
  278. Looking for Proof
  279. The Necromancer
  280. On the Doorstep
  281. Inside Information

Custom Room

This is where you customize your characters. There are 84 Bacta Tanks with custom characters. They all start off as just a yellow guy. As you unlock characters, their parts will be available. When you collect all the characters, you can have a lot of combinations.


  • None - Default
  • Brown Hood - Starter
  • Queen Amidala - Complete Escape From Naboo
  • Red Officer - Complete Escape From Naboo
  • Pilot - Complete Retake Theed Palace
  • Clone Commander Phase II - Complete General Grievous
  • Rebel Trooper - Complete Secret Plans
  • Stormtrooper - Complete Rescue the Princess
  • Boussh - Complete Jabba's Palace
  • Black Hood - Complete Jabba's Palace
  • Palace Guard - Complete The Great Pit of Carkoon
  • Endor Rebel - Complete Speeder Showdown
  • Darth Vader - Complete Jedi Destiny
  • Brown Fedora - Complete The Lost Temple
  • Blue Baseball - Complete The Lost Temple
  • Desert Sallah - Complete The Well of Souls
  • Grey Cap - Complete Opening The Ark
  • White & Blue Baseball - Complete Shanghai Showdown
  • Henry Jones - Complete Castle Rescue
  • Red Fez - Complete Desert Ambush
  • Batman - Complete You Can Bank on Batman
  • Blue Batman - Complete A Poisonous Appointment
  • Heat Batman - Complete A Poisonous Appointment
  • Water Robin - Complete Under the City
  • Mr. Freeze - Complete On the Rocks
  • Top Hat - Complete Rockin' the Docks
  • Catwoman - Complete Rockin' the Docks
  • Harley Quinn - Complete A Surprise for the Commissioner
  • Black Wizard - Complete The Joker's Masterpiece
  • Killer Moth - Complete The Lure of the Night
  • Civilian Sallah - Complete Market Mayhem
  • Bandit Indy - Complete Map Room Mystery
  • Officer Indy - Complete Berlin Brawl
  • Clone Phase 1 - Complete Gungan General
  • Commander Stone - Complete Gungan General
  • Commander Bly - Complete Jedi Crash
  • Luminara - Complete Weapons Factory
  • Bariss Offee - Complete Weapons Factory
  • Captain Rex - Complete Dual of the Droids
  • Waxer - Complete Innocents of Ryloth
  • Boil - Complete Liberty on Ryloth
  • Commander Ponds - Complete Liberty on Ryloth
  • Brown Pirate - Complete Port Royal
  • Bald - Default
  • Qui-Gon Jinn - Starter
  • Brown Simple - Starter
  • Blond Simple - Complete Retake Theed Palace
  • Brown Bun - Complete Retake Theed Palace
  • Orange Mallot - Complete Discovery on Kamino
  • Orange Simple - Complete Droid Factory
  • Brown Mallot - Complete Chancellor in Peril
  • Palpatine - Complete Chancellor in Peril
  • Princess Leia - Complete Secret Plans
  • Grey Simple - Complete Through the Jundland Wastes
  • Black Simple - Complete Betrayal Over Bespin
  • Brown Braided - Complete Betrayal Over Bespin
  • Brown Classic Ponytail - Complete Jabba's Palace
  • Black Messy - Complete The Lost Temple
  • Black Classic Ponytail - Complete Into the Mountains
  • Black Back Knot - Complete Into the Mountains
  • Blonde Female Flat Top - Complete Shanghai Showdown
  • Blonde Classic Ponytail - Complete Shanghai Showdown
  • Blonde Fluffy - Complete Pankot Secrets
  • Blonde Back Knot - Complete Pankot Secrets
  • Blonde Straight Long - Complete The Hunt For Sir Richard
  • Blonde Front - Complete The Hunt For Sir Richard
  • Black Wavy - Complete You Can Bank on Batman
  • Red Straight Long - Complete Green Fingers
  • Two-Face - Complete An Enterprising Theft
  • Green Points - Complete A Surprise for the Commissioner
  • Gold Tousle - Complete Hangar Havoc
  • Brown Tousle - Complete Café Chaos
  • Oxley - Complete Rainforest Rumble
  • Hagrid - Complete The Magic Begins
  • Orange Bowl - Complete Out of the Dungeon
  • Orange Side - Complete Out of the Dungeon
  • Brown Fluffy - Complete Out of the Dungeon
  • Brown Back Knot - Complete Out of the Dungeon
  • Orange Classic Ponytail - Complete Out of the Dungeon
  • Blond Wavy - Complete The Basilisk
  • Orange Smooth - Complete The Basilisk
  • Orange Simple - Complete News From Azkaban
  • Brown Wavy - Complete News From Azkaban
  • Orange Tousle - Complete Hogsmeade
  • Black Mallot - Complete The Shrieking Shack
  • Brown Modern Mallot - Complete The Shrieking Shack
  • Orange Combed - Complete Geonosian Arena
  • Brown Swept - Complete Geonosian Arena
  • Clone Padmé - Complete Geonosian Arena
  • Clone Kit - Complete Battle of Geonosis
  • Ahsoka - Complete Jedi Crash
  • Aayla Secura - Complete Jedi Crash
  • Eeth Koth - Complete Grievous Intrigue
  • Brown Male Bun - Complete Port Royal
  • Grey Messy - Complete Port Royal
  • Jack Sparrow - Complete Port Royal
  • Grey Male Bun - Complete Tortuga
  • Brown Long Wavy - Complete Tortuga
  • Gold Long Wavy - Complete The Black Pearl Attacks
  • Yellow - Default
  • Nougat - Starter
  • Silver - Starter
  • White - Complete Escape From Naboo
  • Brown - Complete Escape From Naboo
  • Light Brown - Complete Betrayal Over Bespin
  • Simple - Default
  • Qui-Gon Jinn - Starter
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi - Starter
  • TC-14 - Starter
  • Jar Jar Binks - Complete Invasion of Naboo
  • Queen Amidala - Complete Escape From Naboo
  • Young Anakin
  • Female
  • None - Default
  • Brown Cape - Starter
  • Pale Cape - Complete Droid Factory
  • Grey Backpack - Complete Dagobah
  • Yellow Cape - Complete Betrayal Over Bespin
  • Black Cape - Complete Jabba's Palace
  • Black Bat Cape - Complete You Can Bank on Batman
  • Bomb Pack - Complete You Can Bank on Batman
  • Techno Pack - Complete You Can Bank on Batman
  • Glide Bat - Complete An Icy Reception
  • Magnet Pack - Complete An Icy Reception
  • Blue Bat Cape - Complete A Poisonous Appointment
  • Red Bat Cape - Complete A Poisonous Appointment
  • Vaccuum - Complete A Poisonous Appointment
  • Air Tank - Complete Under the City
  • Freeze Pack - Complete On the Rocks
  • Moth Wings - Complete The Lure of the Night
  • Hogwarts Cape - Complete Out of the Dungeon
  • Yellow - Default
  • Jedi - Starter
  • TC-14 - Starter
  • Jar Jar Binks - Complete Invasion of Naboo
  • Queen Amidala - Complete Escape From Naboo
  • Captain Panaka - Complete Escape From Naboo
  • Young Anakin - Complete Retake Theed Palace
  • Battle Padmé
  • Padawan Anakin
  • Geonosis Padmé
  • C-3PO
  • Clawed Padmé
  • Yoda
  • Jedi Anakin 
  • Emmet Brickowski
  • Superman
  • Iron Man (Various MK armors)
  • Thor
  • Black Widow
  • Chase McCain
  • Police Officer
  • Construction Worker
  • Clone Trooper
  • Chewbacca
  • Princess Leia
  • Captain Antilles
  • Rebel Friend
  • Tatooine Luke
  • Han Solo
  • Stormtrooper
  • Hoth Han
  • Hoth Leia
  • Rebel Pilot
  • Dagobah Luke
  • Bespin Luke
  • Lando Calrissian
  • Bespin Leia
  • Boushh
  • Jedi Luke
  • Skiff Han
  • Guard Lando
  • Endor Leia
  • Endor Luke
  • Endor Han
  • Wicket
  • Darth Vader
  • Indiana Jones
  • Satipo
  • Jock
  • Nepal Marion
  • Desert Indy
  • Cairo Marion
  • Evening Marion
  • Gown Marion
  • Dinner Suit
  • Shanghai Willie
  • Short Round
  • Evening Willie
  • Kali Indy
  • Ceremony Willie
  • Professor Indy
  • Elsa
  • Brody
  • Henry Jones
  • Fez Sallah
  • Classic Batman
  • Classic Robin
  • Demolition Batman
  • Tech Robin
  • Yellow - Default
  • Nougat - Starter
  • Pale - Starter
  • Silver - Starter
  • Red - Complete Escape From Naboo
  • Cyan - Complete Escape From Naboo
  • Magenta - Complete Retake Theed Palace
  • Brown - Complete Droid Factory
  • White - Complete Droid Factory
  • Gold - Complete Droid Factory
  • Black - Complete Chancellor in Peril
  • Yellow - Default
  • Nougat - Starter
  • Silver - Starter
  • Pale - Complete Invasion of Naboo
  • White - Complete Escape From Naboo
  • Brown - Complete Escape From Naboo
  • Green - Complete Count Dooku
  • Nougat and Black - Complete Chancellor in Peril
  • Black - Complete General Grievous

Asylum Assignment | Minikits LB2 Guide

#01 - In the pool with fishes you will get to the blocked fan. Destroy it, move inside and turn left.

#02 - Fly over fence with swimming ban sign and pick up minikit.

#03 - In underwater location move to the wall on the right and pull the lever with Aquaman or Killer Croc.

#04 - In location with leaking water, move to the right and open box with Joker. Set the bricks and use lever on the right.

#05 - After get on the top of frozen wall move to the right, use magnesium on blue handle, set bricks with Green Lantern, jump down and take minikit.

#06 - In ice chamber send penguin to the igloo on the right, detonate him near fractured pane, enter the room and move to the left top corner.

#07 - In the area with six screens. Outfit Robin in acrobatic suit, move left and jump onto first pole. Continue jumping on the right until you reach the minikit.

#08 - To get this minikit you have to clean 5 pictures (you can do this by using Aquaman's water). First of them is on the left side in area with screens (minikit #07). Second one is under yellow plate at the end of the narrow corridor (picture). Third, fourth and fifth are in location with big stairs leading to the top - two of them are on the both sides of stairs and the last one is on the cell on the right.

#09 - In the location with cage at the bottom of the screen. Use Lex to destroy black doors and enter to the room.

#10 - In this same location move to the platform on the left top corner and use Poison Ivy on the plant on the floor.

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