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  • a Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed
    Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed A friend in need is a friend indeed is an old saying or proverb that means A friend who helps out when we are in trouble is a...
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  • a Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed
    Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed! Friendshave already become an integral part of our everyday life and we just take it as a matter of course. But...
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  • Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed
    proverb saying A friend in need is a friend indeed, this proverb shows that real friend will appear in time you need him. But a fair-weather friend who just stays...
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  • a Friend i Need Is a Friend Indeed
    or other. Thus, if your friend comes forward to help you in case of your need and exigency, he is a true friend; Therefore, a friend in need is a friend indeed...
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  • a Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed
    FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED A Brief Introduction of my dear friend My friends name is . He comes from the city of dreams, Mumbai, which is the capital...
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  • a Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed
    her cat. 8. My favourite sport tennis. 9. Bill from Greece. 10. Our friends from Hungary. 11. How you? 12. you from Russia? 13. How old...
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  • a Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed
    hardships in defining the ties among countries. Saudi Arabia has proved to be a true friend of Egypt during the crisis it is going through. This is evidenced by the...
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  • a Friend In Need Is a Frien Din Deed
    fall on bad days. Fair-weather friends leave us in the lurch. Those who stand by us through thick and thin are our real friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed...
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  • i Believe In Lending a Hand To a Friend In Need
    relocate from the older gentlemens place. Now I knew my friend needed help not only moving but getting everything he needed to do organized. So I stepped up to the...
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  • As a High School Student, You Value Your Friends, And Parting From Those Friends May Be Difficult To Think About...
    My argument is if you have a college education it will benefit your life. Having a quality college education is must now of days to have success in the today world...
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  • Friends
    A friend in need is a friend indeed" is one of the most known proverbs, and it teaches you that a real friend is a person who is there for you when you need him...
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  • Friend
    is it 'a friend in need is a friend indeed' or 'a friend in need is a friend in deed'. Clearly, that would have a bearing on the meaning. The 'in need' is also...
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  • My Best Friend
    number of friends. Some of them are however mere acquaintances. A true friend is one who stands the test of adversity. A friend in need is a friend indeed. He shares...
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  • Qualities Of a Good Friend
    Qualities of Good friend The proverb: A friend in need is a friend indeed says that true friends are those who will be there and stick through thick and...
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    True Friend A friend in need is a friend indeed. is probably the most popular friendship phrase I have ever known. Some people said that a true friend is someone...
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    How to make new friends The old proverb says a friend In need is a friend indeed . So, making new friends is essential for a successful social life...
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    answers to their questions. Nikhil is a kind and generous friend. It is said a friend in need is a friend indeed. From that point of view also, whenever I am hard...
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    Best Friends Everyone needs a best friend. Its having a brother or sister that you choose, rather than got stuck with. Best friends are there for you, through...
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  • Diary
    has been past I waist my time for think what to do. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Yesterday night I decided to tell the truth, but not to those quarrelsome...
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    know that somebody had conquered their task with the aid of your assistance. That is how friendships are made because a friend in need, is a friend indeed...
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    True Friendships A friend in need is a friend indeed, is a very old adage, and its true in this modern age as well. Good Morning fellow students, my...
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    1. (all) of a sudden (=suddenly, on a sudden) All of a sudden it began to thunder. 2. (every) now and then...
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    A product from updatesoft.com members mercury@Updatesofts.com Ebooks Team Updatesofts.com Ebook Team 1. all cats are grey in the dark (in the night...
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  • Friendship
    in our misfortune. Some friends will also turn enemies for us. We should always remember the golden saying. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Keeley and I have...
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  • Life
    in constant repair. Friendship is the gold thread that ties friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Its hard to follow your mind when your heart is...
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  • Novel
    Both his colleagues became more curious. They said, "But we are friends, we can keep your secret. You need not be worried, it will not leak out." So he said, "Okay...
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  • Friendship Quotes: Proverbs
    Books and friends should be few but good." "A friend in need is a friend indeed." - Latin Proverb "A good friend is my nearest relation." "A hedge between...
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  • Learn English
    mà ph n thì tán ng còn àn ông thì không. Generic sentence a complex sentence A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Mt ngi...
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  • Friendship
    are in need. Actually a true friend is identified in the time of need. It is therefore it is said that "A friend in need is a friend indeed." With good friends, one...
    Words: 509 — Pages: 3

A friend in need is a friend indeed


A friend in need is a friend indeed is that proverb we hear from the childhood that old persons were says that meaning of real friends in life. At this time everyone needs the proper friend in her life. Our friends always help us when we need and want help. Here our responsibility also becomes for our friend towards her help.

“Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don’t say.”

As we all know, whenever any problem happened with us then friends always helps to us. There are need real friends in our life.

The simple meaning of ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ is someone who helps you when you are in need is a true friend.

Short and famous story on friendship

Once upon a time, one girl Fiona was brilliant in her class. She was bright, and no one was her friend. Early the time she wants to be friendly with all and invited to her whole class for her birthday. She was such a busy girl with so many friends, and hardly she get the chance to spend time with single friends. She felt lucky to get the so many friends as compared to neighborhood children.

At the time, everyone was playing and gifting to her friends that are the game in the class. Everyone makes three gifts to give her best friend. Fiona also makes the gift for her best friend. But no one friend is gifted to Fiona.

Fiona felt sorrowful and cried, then she asked for her mom after went the home, Why my friends not given me gifts as the best friends then, her mother says, because you have not timed for becoming a good friend but you are a good girl, if you give time to your friends at the good or bad times then they will always be with you.

This story realizes we have to always with our friends at any way of life, and any right or bad times


We don’t want to be alone in life; we need to the good friend for understood all things of our life. We always need to friend at the company and conference. A man cannot receive from the own people and her family members which he receives from the friends. A true friend never cans possess at any cost because he considered the most valuable asset in our life.

Every friend is involved in our any happy times for enjoyment, but that is the time when we can know the good friendship of our friend at the moment of need help. Every good friend never thinks that to help the friends and they were not hoping that they will forwards help us or not.

At the presence time the some of the people becomes a real friend. There are rarely meet the right friends in life.

  • Sacrifices in the friendship

In past such people, friendship was the matter of pride. It depends upon the bond that carries the better harmony in her life. There are so many examples of friendship in stories, legend, and history. These people have unhesitatingly sacrificed their lives for the sake of friendship.

We should be aware of that type of friend who can give trouble at any time, and they have the selfish motive, and they will not come forward when we need the help. So, beware of that type of friends and choose the good friend who will never give the trouble in our life and willing to help us.

We got the good friends rarely in the world. A man can make a variety of friends, but it ‘s hard to get and choice the good friend for being with us at all situation. There are friends often selfish with you. There are friends, who are often indifferent to your suffering in life.

True friends never get selfish. They are always giving the selfless service to her friends in the essence of true friendship. True friends are not like that person who makes friends for her work.  True friends can do anything for her sake of friendship and always prepare for the friend’s help. A true friend also can sacrifice her life for save a friend. That type of friends called the true friendship.

Selfish friends always make friends for her self-work. There are some friends the misusing name of the association, and we don’t understand that type of friend, but after till that day, there we need our friend’s help. Some of the people are making friends for to gain something from her friend. They use the mind for always exploit their friend till they did not earn that thing. They always have that ambition to lose her friend in any way and after get her goal. They are false friends. We should try to go far to make that type of friend and always be aware because they can be harmful to us.

  • Always accessible on adverse times

In our good or bad times which people is the support to us, that is the real friend, Who will stand at both times is a true friend indeed. We should always be in the search for good friends. A good friend always remains accessible even during adverse times. With the help of friends, a person can overcome the troubles of difficult times. Life becomes easier for people who blessed with true friends. Then no any problems can refuse us.

We should always make a good friend who drives us for the anyway of life and who supports us whenever we need them. They never left us alone whenever we need a help of them. Real friends become very special in our life and remain with us always. Real friends always motivate us when we want them to support.

Real friends always listen to you and correct the mistakes you do to bring at the right path. True friendship is a most trusted and significant relationship among all relationships in the life.


Friendship is better than fame in life. To be a real friend or to get a true friend in life is considered better and nobler than fame. Hence, it is true that “a friend in need is a friend indeed.”


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