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Chapter 1: Problem Solving

Opening1.OPChapter Opening
Section a Quilt Using Symmetry
1.1.2Making Predictions and Investigating Results
1.1.3Perimeter and Area of Enlarging Tile Patterns
1.1.4Logical Arguments
1.1.5Building a Kaleidoscope
Section Visualization and Reflections
1.2.2Rigid Transformations: Rotations and Translations
1.2.3Using Transformations
1.2.4Using Transformations to Create Shapes
Section and Characteristics of Shapes
1.3.2More Characteristics of Shapes
1.3.3Introduction to Probability
Closure1.CLChapter Closure

Chapter 2: Variables and Proportions

Opening2.OPChapter Opening
Section Variables and Combining Like Terms
2.1.2Simplifying Expressions by Combining Like Terms
2.1.3Writing Algebraic Expressions
2.1.4Using Zero to Simplify Algebraic Expressions
2.1.5Using Algebra Tiles to Simplify Algebraic Expressions
2.1.6Using Algebra Tiles to Compare Expressions
2.1.7Simplifying and Recording Work
2.1.8Using Algebra Tiles to Solve for x
2.1.9More Solving Equations
Section Problems with Proportional Intuition
2.2.2Sharing Proportion-Organizing Strategies
2.2.3Using Proportional Relationships
Closure2.CLChapter Closure

Chapter 3: Graphs and Equations

Opening3.OPChapter Opening
Section Patterns and Finding Rules
3.1.2Using Tables, Graphs, and Rules to Make Predictions
3.1.3Using the Graphing Calculator and Identifying Solutions
3.1.4Completing Tables and Drawing Graphs
3.1.5Graphs, Tables, and Rules
3.1.6Complete Graphs
3.1.7Identifying Common Graphing Errors
Section Equations and Testing the Solution
3.2.2Determining the Number of Solutions
3.2.3Strategies for Using the 5-D Process
3.2.4More Solving Equations to Solve Problems
Closure3.CLChapter Closure

Chapter 4: Multiple Representations

Opening4.OPChapter Opening
Section Connections Between Representation
4.1.2Seeing Growth in Different Representations
4.1.3Connecting Linear Rules and Graphs
4.1.4y = mx + b
4.1.5Checking the Connections
4.1.6Graphing Without an xy Table
4.1.7Completing the Web
Section to Systems of Equations
4.2.2Writing Rules from Word Problems
4.2.3Solving Systems Algebraically
4.2.4Extending the Web to other Linear Situations
Closure4.CLChapter Closure

Chapter 5: Multiplication and Proportions

Opening5.OPChapter Opening
Section an Area Model
5.1.2Multiplying Binomials and the Distributive Property
5.1.3Using Generic Rectangles to Multiply
5.1.4Solving Equations With Multiplication
5.1.5Working with Multi-Variable Equations
5.1.6Solving Equations Without Manipulatives
Section Up and Solving Proportions
5.2.2Practice with Proportions
5.2.3Applying Proportions
Closure5.CLChapter Closure

Chapter 6: Systems of Equations

Opening6.OPChapter Opening
Section Sentences
6.1.2Solving Word Problems by Writing Equations
6.1.3Solving Problems by Writing Equations
Section Systems of Equations Using Substitution
6.2.2Making Connections: Systems, Solutions and Graphs
6.2.3Solving Systems of Equations Using Elimination
6.2.4More Elimination
6.2.5Choosing A Strategy for Solving Systems
Section 6.3 Pulling it All Together
Closure6.CLChapter Closure

Chapter 7: Linear Relationships

Opening7.OPChapter Opening
Section = mx + b
7.1.2Using Equations to Make Predictions
7.1.3Measuring Steepness: An Introduction to Slope
7.1.4Comparing Δy and Δx
7.1.5More on Slope
Section of a Line in Context
7.2.2Slope as a Measurement of Rate
7.2.3Rates of Change
Section an Equation Given a Slope and a Point
7.3.2Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
7.3.3Finding the Equation of a Line Through Two Points
7.3.4Applying y = mx + b to find Equations from Graphs
Closure7.CLChapter Closure

Chapter 8: Quadratics

Opening8.OPChapter Opening
Section to Factoring Quadratics
8.1.2Factoring with Generic Rectangles
8.1.3Factoring with Special Cases
8.1.4Factoring Completely
Section a Parabola
8.2.2Multiple Representations for Quadratics
8.2.3Zero Product Property
8.2.4Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
8.2.5Completing the Quadratic Web
Section to the Quadratic Formula
8.3.2More Solving Quadratic Equations
8.3.3Choosing A Strategy
Closure8.CLChapter Closure

Chapter 9: Inequalities

Opening9.OPChapter Opening
Section Linear, One-Variable Inequalities
9.1.2More Solving Inequalities
Section Two-Variable Inequalities
9.2.2Graphing Linear and Non-linear Inequalities
9.2.3Introduction to Absolute Value
Section of Inequalities
9.3.2More Systems of Inequalities
9.3.3Applying Inequalities to Solve Problems
Closure9.CLChapter Closure

Chapter 10: Simplifying and Solving

Opening10.OPChapter Opening
Section Expressions
10.1.2Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
10.1.3Solving by Rewriting
10.1.4Fraction Busters
Section Methods for Solving Equations
10.2.2Determining the Number of Solutions
10.2.3More Solving and an Application
10.2.4Solving Inequalities with Absolute Value
10.2.5Solving Absolute Value and Quadratic Inequalities
Section 10.310.3.1Completing the Square
10.3.2More Completing the Square
Section 10.410.4.1Simplifying Exponential Expressions
10.4.2Zero and Negative Exponents
10.4.3Fractional Exponents and Scientific Notation
Closure10.CLChapter Closure

Chapter 11: Functions and Relations

Opening11.OPChapter Opening
Section a Graph
11.1.2Relation Machines
11.1.4Domain and Range
11.1.5Investigating a New Relation
11.1.6Transformation of a Function
Section and Intersections
11.2.2Pulling It All Together
Section 11.311.3.1Relation Treasure Hunt
Closure11.CLChapter Closure

Chapter 12: Algebraic Extensions

Opening12.OPChapter Opening
Section Shortcuts
12.1.2Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
12.1.3More Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
Section Work Problems
12.2.2Solving Percent Mixture Problems
Section 12.312.3.1Deriving the Quadratic Formula
Section 12.412.4.1Using Data and Trend Lines to Make Predictions
12.4.2Analyzing Non-linear Tile Patterns
12.4.3Investigating a Complex Function
12.4.4Using Algebra to Find a Maximum
Closure12.CLChapter Closure

Additional Topics

AT 1.1Investigating the Growth of Patterns
AT 1.2Algebraic Properties
AT 1.3Modeling Data
AT 1.4Polynomial Division


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