Revise Essay Definition Examples

  • The Association of Art Museum Directors revised its guidelines on collecting of antiquities in 2008 and 2013, urging greater due diligence and disclosure, while allowing for discretion by museums.

    —steven litt,, "Curator who defended purchase of Apollo bronze leaves Cleveland Museum of Art for Florida job,"24 Feb. 2018

  • Instead, Trump would likely revise downward the U.S. pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    —justin worland, Time, "Trump is Telling Foreign Leaders That the U.S. May Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, Ex-Aide Says,"23 Feb. 2018

  • Florida legislators revised the law (F.S.S. 316.081) in 2014 to make the left lane for passing, not cruising, unless there was congestion or an obstruction in the right lanes.

    —wayne k. roustan,, "Going slow in the left lane? Signs warn of a $121 fine,"22 Feb. 2018

  • Since revising her love list, Murzello says dating has been more fun.

    —NBC News, "How to use a 'love list' to find your ideal romantic partner,"20 Feb. 2018

  • Throughout Presidents' Day weekend, estimates for the film were continually revised upward.

    —pamela mcclintock, The Hollywood Reporter, "Box Office: 'Black Panther' Climbs to Historic $242M Bow After Record Monday,"20 Feb. 2018

  • The National Weather Service in Portland has revised their earlier forecast, which predicted heavy snow in the Portland metro area in the later afternoon and evening, up to noon and early afternoon.

    —lizzy acker,, "Portland metro area could see 3-7 inches of snow, earlier than expected,"20 Feb. 2018

  • The Route 59 update would look at revising plans along the highway for further development as well as redevelopment.

    —steve lord, Aurora Beacon-News, "Aurora approves Route 59 study,"16 Feb. 2018

  • Throughout the update process, the plan has been revised to reflect the feedback received.

    —luke money,, "Costa Mesa council will review proposed parks and open space master plan update Tuesday,"10 Feb. 2018

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