Australian Immigration History Essay Sample

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    Last edited by nikk28; 02-01-2018 at 04:38 AM.
    The point of a personal statement is for you to express tour thoughts in your best mode of expression. Getting help from a ton of strangers seems to defeat this purpose. Your statement contains many errors, but i think it gets your ideas across pretty well and is an accurate reflection of your level of writing ability in english. Given that you state clearly that you are not a native speaker, i think most reviewers will be pretty accepting of a few errors here and there, so don't feel the need to have someone rewrite this in perfect english. That would be a misrepresentation of your ability to communicate. If i were you, i would get some general help for writing in english, then rewrite the essay yourself. This way, you're using it to improve your skills and to learn, rather than just having someone fix it for you.
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