Bode Technology Research Papers

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The goal of our research group is the synthesis of molecules and conjugates that are currently outside the reach of conventional synthetic methods. Preparing molecules such as proteins, glycopeptides, sequence and length-controlled polymers, and covalent conjugates of these large structures (mw >5,000) requires a new generation of chemical reactions. Most importantly, bond forming reactions that operate under aqueous conditions in the presence of unprotected functional groups with fast reaction rates are needed if chemists will ever be able to synthesize structures with the complexity and functional properties commonly found in biological systems.

The Bode Group also seeks new methods to generate structural and functional complexity in small organic molecules. For example, we have pioneered facile approaches to chiral saturated N-heterocycles, as exemplified by our SnAP Reagents.  All of our efforts are supported by the development of fundamentally new organic reactions including catalytic processes, new cross-coupling methodologies, and chemical ligation reactions.

These ambitions are currently manifested in multiple projects across many scientific disciplines. While all members practice synthetic organic chemistry, our labs also include molecular and cellular biology, peptide synthesis, materials science, physical organic chemistry, hardware and software development, and extensive analytical and chromatographic facilities.

Currently active projects:

Protein synthesis with the ketoacid-hydroxylamine (KAHA) ligation

Acylboronates for amide-forming bioconjugation

N-heterocycle synthesis with SnAP chemistry

Synthetic Fermentation

Secret, high-risk projects

Areas of prior research in our group include:

Kinetic resolution of amines

Design, synthesis and development of shapeshifting organic molecules

Catalytic, enantioselective annulations with chiral N-heterocyclic carbenes  

Total synthesis of natural products


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