Co2520 Unit 7 Assignment 3

P a g e | 2 Violation of Copyright Privileges This assignment builds upon the discussion (review Unit 7 Music Sharing Case Scenario, IS3350.U7.TS2 ljg.doc under discussion link) in this unit. In this assignment, you, the original composer and performing artist of a hot new pop song, need to:  Describe the specific intellectual property laws that were violated in your case.  Propose remedies the law provides for the enlisted violations. Write a summary of your findings. Prior to summarizing, enlist your major findings from the discussion and this assignment in a bullet-point list. Collate all your findings in the summary keeping in mind the evaluation questions on which you will be graded. “ A copyright is a legal device that gives the creator of a literary, artistic, musical, or other creative work the sole right to publish and sell that work. Copyright owners have the right to control the reproduction of their work, including the right to receive payment for that reproduction. An author may grant or sell those rights to others, including publishers or recording companies. Violation of a copyright is called infringement” ( Moreover, copyright law is a Federal law, under federal jurisdiction.

Unit 3 Assignment 2 - Personal CommunicaTon Ethics Statement (Por±olio) Values and ethics are with us every day and how we choose to use them defines us as people. All of us need to make immediate and wise decisions. The choices we make should be driven by our own ethics. I believe that people need good ethics to promote a healthy and positive environment for ourselves and others. I always assumed my personal ethical viewpoint is that everything should be equal and fair. After looking at how I interact with others, I found that I use my rationality to determine how I can ensure equality to all others. I learned that my unseen area is that I trust too much in just outcomes in every situation. I tend to forget that although every person should have equal access, not everyone does. Even though I want everything to be fair, I know it is not and I often rely on ethical decisions to come up with a fair system. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

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