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Hunger Games Book Report Essay

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The Hunger Games Book Report
1. State the title, author, and number of pages.
The Hunger Games is a novel written by Suzanna Collins. The book consists of 374 pages.
2. Tell what the book is about. Describe the setting.
The book is about Katniss, a sixteen year old girl, who lives in district 12 with her mother and her sister, Prim. Each year, the Hunger Games are held, and a boy and a girl from each district are chosen to fight to the death. Prim is chosen but Katniss volunteers to take the place of her in the game. Peeta is chosen as the boy from District 12. The majority of the book takes place in the Arena designed by the Gamemakers. The main goal of the games is to kill the others and be the last one standing. The winner and their…show more content…

Cinna, Katniss’ stylist, is a supportive and clever person who helps to win the hearts of the audience. He supports her by motivating her and by being as friend to her.
5. Describe the main problem or conflict the characters have to solve.
The main problem/conflict throughout the novel is the struggle to survive. The 24 contestants in the Hunger Games must kill each other and be the last one remaining. Another conflict is the conflict that Katniss has with herself. She battles with herself, unable to decide whether she loves Gale or if she loves Peeta. For all of the contestants, they must decide who to befriend, betray, or kill.
6. Describe some things that happened as the characters tried to solve the problem.
While competing in the Hunger Games, Katniss is unsure if Peeta is on her side or not because he betrays her and joins the Careers; plotting to team up and kill the weak. This make Katniss extremely confused, causing her to be uncertain of whether or not she will be able to kill Peeta since he is her supposed star-crossed lover. She also debates with herself because she cannot decide if she is in love with Gale or Peeta. During the Hunger Games, Katniss becomes friends with Rue through the mocking jay pin. Rue is killed, but Katniss remembers her by using the wisdom that she learned from Rue.
7. Tell how the book ended.
In the end

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In what ways does Katniss’s hunting experience prepare her for the Games, and in what ways does it fail to prepare her?

It is important to indicate that Katniss hunts in the forest using a bow and arrow. The idea she demonstrates at this moment is that if she is able to cover one particular area, then she can have a relevant chance. As a result, such a hunting experience can adequately prepare her for the Games. Peeta is clearly aware of her skills and she also knows this aspect (The Independent, 2013). Moreover, she considers that he can try his best to kill her in order to win. The opposite is also described in the sense that he considers she can kill him. A significant element being described is that the other contestants are unaware of the skills manifested by competitors in the Games (Alvey, 2012). What is mostly evident in this case is that everyone tends to demonstrate their own skills. Such skills emerge as unique in the specific setting of the Games. However, individuals may completely underestimate Katniss’s hunting skills. The objective of this essay is to demonstrate the specific ways in which Katniss’s hunting experience prepares her for the Games as well as her failure in terms of preparation.

The aspect of underestimating her hunting skills put Katniss at a significant disadvantage, but at the same time, it provides her with an opportunity to manifest her teamwork and cooperation skills by combining her skills with the skills of Peeta. In this way, they can both act as a team over their competitors and win at the end (The Independent, 2013). Unlike her competitors, Katniss’s hunting experience has prepared her for the Games in both physical and mental aspects (Roback, 2013). Another advantage for Katniss is that she has had a relevant experience of taking care of her family, implying that she is ready to take a challenge as well as responsibility for her actions.

Nonetheless, Katniss’s hunting experience has failed to prepare her for the Games especially in terms of her inability or unwillingness to trust other individuals. She has been described as blinded by her overwhelming feeling of distrust (Alvey, 2012). In fact, Katniss is unable to see the complete picture of her reality as a result of such growing distrust, which clearly illustrates the destructive power of this feeling. She turns out to be in a survival mode during the Games in the sense of being constantly defensive. Yet, this demonstrates her weakness in the long term (Roback, 2013). At the same time, it can be argued that Katniss’s way of reaction is similar to the one of other contestants (The Independent, 2013). At the end, the instinct of
survival is evident in everyone else’s way of thinking because no one wants to die. The concern with surviving is leading the characters’ experience. The fact that other contestants appear quite volatile and tactile pushes Katniss to react in a harsh manner by failing to trust people. In conclusion, Katniss’s hunting experience can be described as complex and problematic because the author focuses on both her personal strengths and weaknesses as part of such experience. Katniss illustrates the strength of a character with a persistent instinct for survival, but also with inability to trust others.


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