Graphic Organizer For A Five Paragraph Essay High School

Graphic organizers are a great classroom tool, and there are many reasons to use graphic organizers in your classroom. There are many types of graphic organizers to choose from and they are not just for writing papers. There are vocabulary graphic organizers, reading graphic organizers, math graphic organizers, and graphic organizers to organize a task.

PowerPoint Slide Organization Plan

The PowerPoint Slide Organization Plan can help students to organize an electronic slide project. Deciding how to organize slides can be a mind-boggling task. This graphic organizer has places to write what will go on each slide.

The first slide has lines to write the student’s name, the title of the presentation, the class and the date. There are boxes for slides two through nine. In each box, the students can write the basic information for each slide and decide what order to show the slides. The next box is for references. Students should choose one style or format, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. This will add credibility to the slide show. The last box is to conclude the presentation and ask for questions.

In addition to the Venn Diagram Graphic Organizers, the Five Paragraph Essay Graphic Organizer and the PowerPoint Slide Graphic Organizer, there are other types of printable graphic organizers. There are summarizing graphic organizers to help students to write summaries, which is a very important skill on the reading and writing achievement tests. The story map graphic organizer can help students figure out the important plot elements, such as the setting, conflicts, climax, etc. The reading graphic organizers can be simple ones, such as T-charts and KWL Charts or more complicated ones to help students to understand the novel elements, such as theme, main ideas, and character traits.

Printable graphic organizers can help students to organize information and to learn content. There are many available on the Internet. Teachers just need to be knowledgeable of how to utilize them best.

Download Power Point Graphic Organizer

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